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I’ve been blogging for about 4 months of so now, and from the start I had planned on doing a post, or three, about our honeymoon back in September (I can’t believe it was 7 months ago that we got back, I also can’t believe that in 2 weeks time I will have been married a year! Seriously, where does the time go!?!) I say I’ll do three posts about our honeymoon simply because, even from the planning stage, when thinking about the honeymoon I have separated it in to three sections – New York, From LA to San Fran, and then from San Fran back to LA. So this is how my blog posts will also be.

This first one is about New York, and if you would like a very short version of it, then you can read it over at Wedding Ideas Magazine! Following using Buy Our Honeymoon for our wedding gift list they asked me if I would be interested in writing a quick article about the New York side of our honeymoon (as another couple had done one of California) and why we used BOH, to be in the April edition of Wedding Ideas.

So if you would like the extended version of our honeymoon in New York, read on!

Our first section of our honeymoon was to New York City! Previously I’d never really had much of a desire to go, but I really wanted to go to North America again (it was on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days!) and Chris had never been. The more we looked into New York, the more we actually fell in love with the idea of going. We left home at 5am on 7th September, and headed to the airport. We were so excited, and the wait at the airport seemed to take forever. Not long after the plane took off we were offered our first drinks – was 10:45am too early to start drinking!? Not on honeymoon!! I’ll have a G&T please!! I managed to watch a couple of films on the plane, slept a bit, ate a fair bit considering I don’t really like plane food (this is the first time I’ve ever been offered an ice cream on a plane – very weird!), and we finally got there. We arrived at our B&B on Staten Island at about 4pm, with only a few raised words had. Chris and I don’t do getting lost without arguing (one of the reasons why his mum bought us a sat nav!) Our room was huge, and the bed was so big you could lose each other in there! For some strange reason though the shower was in the kitchen, most peculiar!

We headed over to Time Square for the obligatory hot dog and a wander round, and saw a beautiful sunset on the ferry over to Manhatten. We were both absolutely exhausted, and annoyingly missed the ferry by minutes so had to wait another hour for the next one back (we never learnt about this, it was always a rush!)

The following day we were very lazy and didn’t leave the B&B until gone 11am. We headed over to Manhattan, with amazing views of the Statue of Liberty from the ferry. The views of Manhattan were pretty incredible too. We then headed over to Central Park and had a carriage ride round there, it went far too quickly, but it was lovely to do something so amazing. I felt proper grown up having a carriage ride!! We stopped in to Bloomingdale’s for a wander round, and both got cupcakes and hot chocolate from Magnolia Bakery (Chris wants to go back to New York just so he can go there again!) Next up was watching Matilda on Broadway, which was phenomenal! I would love to go and see it again! We had dinner at Keen’s Steak House near the Empire State Building. We had cocktails and shared a Chateaubriand which Chris said was the best steak he had ever had. The plan was to go up the Empire State building, but I’d annoying developed a stinking cold the day before we flew out to New York, so we decided to save it for another time.

We had a fairly early morning on the Monday, had breakfast in bed brought to me by Chris, but I didn’t really manage much of it as was still feeling rotten, and had obviously slept funny as had woken up with one of my headaches, and promptly threw up. Fun times! We quickly got ourselves sorted and headed over to Manhattan and to Ground Zero as we were doing a walking tour of the 9/11 memorial. I was so impressed by the memorials, they were two huge water features in the same places the twin towers had been, with ‘tear drops’ of water falling down inside them. Each person that died had their name inscribed on the edge, sometimes next to the person they worked with or died with. it was really quite moving. Next we travelled over to Central Park and went to the Guggenheim Museum. I really wasn’t impressed with it at all. We’d both fallen in love with Peggy Guggenheim’s museum in Venice, so thought it would be great to go to the museum that had inspired her, but there was just so much wasted space in there with nothing on the walls. Third up of the day was an audio tour around Grand Central Station, which was really beautiful and interesting. It’s amazing the number of people that travel through there each day (700,000). In the evening we went to a Mets baseball game, turns out we had great tickets, by the pitch side, and it turns out the Mets are really crap at baseball!! We were sat next to a Scottish couple, who explained the game to us, which was helpful! And we even managed a couple of free Mets t-shirts, as I plucked up the courage to ask for some! For a change we were still quite awake after the game finished, so we decided to head back across town and go up the Empire State Building. The views were fantastic, however the audio tour was difficult to follow as it kept referring to coloured buildings, which you really can’t make out at night!! But it really was magical up there at midnight! As I said, we never quite mastered the art of the Staten Island Ferries at night, so tonight we had to run like maniacs to catch it, and only got on with literally seconds to spare! I was knackered! We finally collapsed in bed at about 2:30am!

Tuesday was a lazy day really. We headed over to the Statue of Liberty, and to be honest we were both a bit audio-toured out! It was good to say we’d been up there, but the views were pretty much the same as those from the Staten Island Ferry so we weren’t as impressed by it as perhaps people who didn’t get that ferry every day would be. We then headed over to the Waldorf Astoria where we were spending our last night in New York. To say it is grand is a bit of an understatement. I felt quite out of place there, but once I got used to it I loved it! We were both so exhausted so had a couple of hours sleep, and then started to get ready for dinner. We had cocktails first in one of the bars and then headed over to one of the restaurants in the hotel for dinner. The food was amazing, but I think I was so tired I wasn’t really hungry, which was a huge shame – maybe I should’ve asked for a doggy bag to take back up to the room!!

The following day was September 11. We both thought it would be pretty amazing to spend this day in New York. We asked the concierge whether there was anything going on that we could attend and they didn’t really know of anything, which was a huge disappointment. It just seemed like a fairly normal day in New York. We grabbed breakfast in Grand Central Station, and headed over to the New York public library, which is just a phenomenal building. After a while we headed back to the Waldorf to get our suitcases and head over to the airport so that we could catch our flights to the next part of our honeymoon. After we checked in we sat around the airport for a while, which had bugger all in the way of shops, very disappointing. Then at 6pm the departures board said our flight was delayed by 2 hours. Bugger! Thankfully there was a Mastercard lounge that we could use, which had free wi-fi so that kept us entertained for a while, but it closed at 9pm. We were so bored by the time we boarded our flight at 10:30pm! I think it should be compulsory for all airports to have free cinemas so that passengers who’s flights are delayed aren’t bored out of their brains!! Our flight was about 3.5 hours delayed in the end, and we were knackered, so both slept on the plane. We landed in Los Angeles at about 1am (5am East Coast Time). Thankfully we’d booked a travelodge near the airport and they picked us up from the airport. We checked in a promptly collapsed and went to sleep!

New York was such an amazing city. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. And no matter what budget you are on there there is always something that you can do. I don’t think you would run out of things to do there. Both Chris and I are eager to go back, but I don’t think we’ll manage it for quite a while yet, but we can keep dreaming!

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