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Happy Father’s Day

A bit late in the day, but Happy Father’s Day! This is just a quick post to say how wonderful Isla’s Daddy is!

With today being Chris’ first Father’s Day, I though I would say why we think he’s so great.

Feeding Mummy

Every day that Chris is at work, and I’m not out having lunch with the NCT girls, or has friends coming over and bringing lunch with them, then he still makes me lunch so that I can spend as much time cuddling Isla as possible without having to stress about finding food to eat. More often than not, he also ends up cooking dinner too, as I often have a baby attached to me wanting her dinner!

Early mornings

As Isla still isn’t sleeping through the night, not really a surprise as she’s only 7 weeks old, then we take it in shifts to look after her during the night. I tend to take the first shift, with Chris going to bed anywhere from 8:30pm, depending on how tired he is, and how settled Isla is. I try to stay with her downstairs as long as I can. She is such a noisy sleeper that we spend most nights with her downstairs so that the other one can get some peaceful sleep. I’ll usually fall asleep on the sofa for a few hours after she has gone down into her moses basket, but then it gets to anywhere between 2am and 6:30am (depending on whether it’s a week day or weekend) and I go up to Chris and ask him to take over so that I can get some sleep. Our hope is that Isla is a good girl, and stays asleep, or goes back to sleep quickly and easily if she’s woken up for a sleep, so that Chris can continue sleeping downstairs. This doesn’t always happen, but he never complains.


If you know us, then you’ll know we love our allotment and our (tiny) garden. At the moment we’re growing lots of flowers and veg, many of which were sown before our little one was born, and all need potting up. Chris is wonderful, and if he can’t sleep, or Isla just wants to be cuddled when he is up with her in the early mornings then he will sit at the dining room table and pot them up (cue lots of soil all over our dining room table and floor, but hey ho!) He also pots up and waters all the millions of plants we have in the evenings and weekends, again usually while I’m sat on the sofa with a little girl attached to me! Before Isla was born, Chris also ended up doing a lot of the work up at the allotment, as it was a bit too much hard work for me while being 8 and 9 months pregnant. So while I was sat on my bum doing little bits of weeding, he would be digging loads of beds, and carrying water from the tap to water everything we had planted etc. He’s keeping out allotment and garden going, as he knows how annoyed we would be if all our plants ended up dying because we don’t have time to look after them as our little cherub takes up so much of our time these days


Chris has played chauffeur for a long time, as I am not a confident driver in the slightest. But Chris ferries us around to buy more nappies, go to the allotment, the garden centre, visit family all over the country, and (most of the time) he doesn’t complain, even if he is tired, or would like to have a drink but can’t because he has to drive home

Daddy cuddles

Isla loves her daddy cuddles, and she thinks that Chris gives the best daddy cuddles ever. Sometimes Daddy has lots he wants to do, but will always drop it all to sit down and give his gorgeous girly a cuddle so that I can either sleep, or get the things done that I want to and haven’t managed to as I’ve been looking after her when she decides she doesn’t want to be put down at all!

Daddy Cuddles

Daddy Cuddles

Daddy Cuddles 2

Daddy Cuddles 2

Daddy Cuddles 3

Isla was so excited to give Daddy her Father’s Day presents that she fell asleep!

Even though he’s only had 7 weeks worth of practice, both Isla and I think that Chris is a fantastic Father, and appreciate what he does for us so much. There are so many other things that he does for us that make our lives easier and happier that I could spend all day listing them. So Happy Father’s day, Chris on your first Father’s Day. Here’s to many more.

We love you!

Shel over at The Willow Tree has some great ideas for father’s day presents if you’re looking for ideas

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