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So as I mentioned in my last post we are hopefully moving home soon. We’ve had an offer accepted on a lovely 3 bedroom house in a little village just outside High Wycombe, we’re just negotiating contracts which seems to be taking longer that we had anticipated. I’ll fill you in on that on another post.

Moving house then leaves us with the problem of the inspection that will happen when we hand our keys back on our rented flat. On the whole the flat has been good to us. It’s less than a 10 minute walk to my work in the town centre, easy access to motorways, shops, train station etc. Our one big issue has been that we’ve got damp in our bedroom, just on one wall mainly. I’m sure we should’ve mentioned this to the letting agents quite a while ago, but life got in the way, and we feared they would say that it was our fault for not keeping the room ventilated enough. Anyway, as we will (hopefully) soon be moving out we decided we should probably tackle to problem of the damp sometime soon.

I’d previously tried just washing off all the damp, but this tended to just take the paint work off down to the plaster. Oops! Thankfully when we moved in the flat had been repainted a couple of weeks before, and some of the tins of paint had been left. We’d moaned at this to start with, but in the long run it has proved useful as it has saved us having to trawl out round the DIY stores trying to find a paint that matched the walls. I did a test sample a week or two ago round the window frame and it’s a good match.

We decided as the wall with the window on was so bad we would repaint the whole of it, and also a small part of one of the adjoining walls that was showing signs of damp. So this has been today’s job (along with trying out our new Tassimo machine, making soup, taking down Christmas stuff, tidying the flat, ironing, washing up, putting several loads of washing on – see I’m a good wife!). It hasn’t taken us too long, but has been difficult at times due to losing natural light in that room quite early on in the day, and energy-saving lights not being great! Both walls have now been done, and the window is open so hopefully it will dry before we go to bed so we can put the curtains back up. Let’s hope we haven’t missed any bits and have to do it all again tomorrow, I think it looks good so far…or at least my bits did, not too sure on the bits the hubby did, but we’ll see!

Oh well, at least this is getting us into good practice for decorating our new home when we finally move in!


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