Goodbye flat, hello home!

So last night I packed and cleaned for pretty much 6 hours solid, with the exception of half an hour to nip to and get a chicken sandwich before I died of hunger! Finally at just gone 11pm we got in the car, with me leaving my keys to the flat behind, and I said goodbye to the place we’d been living in for just over 2 years.

It's so empty!

It’s so empty!

Chris went back this morning to do the check out, and hopefully things went smoothly. He said she was a bit nit-picky over a few things, but hopefully they shouldn’t keep too much of our deposit. Only time will tell I guess though.

Talking to Chris I’d said that I wouldn’t really be sad to see the back of the flat. Yes, it was really convenient for work – I could roll out of bed at 8:20am and still be in the office at 8:55am! The rooms (with the exception of the kitchen) were a good size, but there was no storage, which is a real pain when you have as much crap as we do! However, as I was walking out the door and down the stairs for the last time, I did feel a bit…I wouldn’t say upset or emotional, but I think I may miss it a lot. We planned a lot of big things in that flat – our wedding, our honeymoon, buying a house.

As for our house….it looks like a bomb has hit it at the moment! There are boxes everywhere! As I managed to get today off work (after a bit of a hoo-har!) for the plumber to come round and sort the heating, I’ve sorted most of the kitchen (the most important bit of the house!) I’ve also managed to sort out bits of the living room, our bedroom, and nursery/study (I call it a nursery as it drives hubby mad!). The attic is now full of boxes, which we could probably throw out, but I am a bit of a hoarder, so they may stay up there for a while longer!


This was even before all our stuff was moved in!

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We still need to do a lot more unpacking before Saturday, as we have Chris’ mum coming to stay for the night, as we’re picking her up from the airport on the way back from her holiday. (I so want need a holiday right now!) Until our new sofa gets delivered we’ve got a sofa bed in the living room, which will get moved up to the second bedroom at a later date. And at the moment there are too many boxes in the way to be able to pull the sofa bed out! Queue either a lot of moving boxes to a different room, or actually being able to find somewhere for all the stuff to go over the next couple of nights.

I’ve decided that we definitely need to pick up the chest of drawers we have back at mum and dad’s sometime soon, as we have far too many clothes, and not enough places to put them. Especially as the wardrobe in the second bedroom is out of action until we’ve finished decorating in there (which I’m hoping we’ll be able to get most of it done this weekend or next)

So as I mentioned before, the plumber came round this morning to sort the heating out and take off a couple of radiators and replace them. We hadn’t had heating for 2 weeks or so, so it was a good job we only moved in properly last night. You have no idea how happy I was when the radiators started heating up! It was so cold here last night and this morning! I could’ve cried when about an hour or so after he left the boiler made a big clunking sound, and then the radiators started going cold! I tried to phone him, but he had no signal, so just sent him a text, by which time the house was bloody cold again! Thankfully he phoned me back pretty soon afterwards, and said there was probably just some air in the system, and talked me through how to fix it (check me out, fixing something to do with the boiler! OK, so I literally just had to press a button, but I didn’t know that!), and the radiators quickly started heating up again!

Right now, I’m sat in my comfy chair, with a Tassimo coffee, and discussing energy plans and tariffs with a couple of friends from school. When did I become an adult!?!

Well, in the time it’s taken me to write this post, the boiler has decided to play silly buggers again! As we’re both working tomorrow the earlier the plumber can come out is Saturday morning to fit a new part the boiler needs. It’s a good job we’ve got a little storage heater that can keep us warm(ish) until then. Oh the joys of home ownership! I’m sure we’ll have plenty more of this to come in the future. Maybe I’ll have to have a nice long hot bath tonight to keep me warm! And maybe dig out the electric blanket that I put away this afternoon!

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