Making the most of the weather at the allotment

The weather as I was leaving work on Friday afternoon was absolutely glorious! I hoped that the weather would last for the whole weekend so we could spend the whole of it at the allotment, and that happened in part. Saturday was lovely, Sunday not so much.

On Saturday my brother was coming over as his missus was working so rather than twiddling his thumbs all day he came over and helped us out at the allotment. Before he arrived Chris and I headed over to the allotments at Stokenchurch as we’d read in the local magazine that they have a shop there. We’d been meaning to go there for ages, but never made it. We bought a few packets of seeds, and checked out what fertilizers and manures they had there, and ended up chatting to some of the people who had plots there for ages, got loads of advice etc. It was great. What was not so great, was that when we arrived we didn’t know where to park, so we parked in the doctor’s surgery car park next to the allotments. Turns out that the gates to the car park get locked sometime between 11:30 and 11:45am on a Saturday. Erm…shit! How were we going to get home? And how were we going to get to work on Monday, as I’m guessing that the car park wouldn’t open until Monday morning. While I was planning all that, Chris went back on to the allotments and spoke to someone who knew someone who knew someone that worked at the surgery, and thankfully they kindly agreed to come and unlock the gates and let us out! We won’t be parking there again! At least we know where the allotment car park is now!

Anyway, Jamie arrived at ours just before we got back, we had a bit of lunch and a cup of tea and headed over to the allotments. We decided we would make the most of Jamie being there and build a compost heap with some of the wood we had taken from a friend’s garden. Turns out screws and wooden posts are useful for making a compost heap, so Jamie and Chris left me at the plot while they went and got the bits they needed from Homebase. Meanwhile I began digging in a new bed. And oh my word, can I tell today that I did a lot of digging! My back, legs and bum all ache like anything! It’s all worth it though, as that bed in nearly finished now, and we also have a really good compost heap – previously the heap had just been spreading out from the corner of the plot and took up a lot of space, not anymore!!

Beautiful weather up at the allotment

Beautiful weather up at the allotment

The weather was lovely all day, and I was even just wearing a tshirt at several points (trousers as well obviously!) After Jamie disappeared off back to Heather’s we loaded up the car to take stuff to the tip, and hopefully go to the farm shop for some fruit and veg. Well, it turns out the farm shop was already closed, and Chris read the opening times of the tip wrong, so that was closed as well! So instead we went to our trusty local Notcutts garden centre, and bought ourselves an apple tree as ours isn’t looking too healthy up at the allotment. Again we ended up chatting to a guy there for ages, and then spend a fair while looking at the animals there – Chris still wants rabbits, I still want rats. We’re never going to agree! The rest of the evening was spent chilling out, I had a nice long bath with a gin & tonic, and then we had a roast dinner and watched a film before collapsing in bed!

Sunday was productive as well. We finally made it to the tip and the farm shop for fruit and veg. We managed another trip to Notcutts as we needed a nice big pot to re-home my Lovely Bride rose plant Chris had bought me a while ago. The plan was to then go up to the allotment, I could finish digging the bed I started yesterday, and Chris could plant the apple tree, and dig up the blueberry plant that should be in a pot rather than the ground. But we don’t have steak to support it, or anything to tie the tree to the steak! Queue a grumpy husband! So instead I re-potted the rose while Chris went to the allotment to dig up the blueberries. He got back in even more of a sulk cos he didn’t have the keys for the shed…which I then pointed out to him were in his trouser pockets the whole time!! Oooh, the air was blue! So he made a apple and blackberry crumble first before heading off to the allotment AGAIN!! I re-potted a few other plants too, and made some peanut sauce for the freezer (roasted red skin peanuts, a tin of tomatoes, some cheese, green pepper and milk, blitz it together and heat through and is great with pasta. Sounds weird, but it’s one of my favourite quick dinners to make that I’ve had since I was a kid)

We then decided that we should get some seeds sown, so now under propagators we have strawberries, cabbages, broccoli, sweet peas and basil, and in a couple of pots out the front we have some Jerusalem artichoke tubers planted. All in all quite a successful day! We’ve also managed to book car hire for when we’re in Spain for a wedding (in two weeks time!) and Chris is now washing the car. I feel I might sleep well tonight…but then again I said that last night and it still took me forever to get to sleep!

How have any of you been making the most of the good weather this weekend?


  1. sammioneill

    March 8, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    Sounds idyllic but still not inspired. Give me a lawn and pimms anyday πŸ™‚

  2. Bunty

    March 8, 2015 at 11:33 pm

    Wowzers, crazy weekend, intriguing.

  3. Crispin St. Barnabus-Millefeuille

    March 8, 2015 at 11:50 pm

    A tour de force full of subtlety and laced with humour noir. Durrans encapsulates her readers with the pen as Rembrandt did with the paintbrush.

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