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A fun day ‘playing’ golf

So at the weekend my lovely brother-in-law came to visit our new house, and we decided to go out to Wycombe Heights Golf Course for the day. Usually I would pull a face at this, and let the boys go off and do this on their own while I pottered around the house, after all – golf is boring and dull! But as the weather was glorious and our friends Rich and Ana decided they were going as well, I thought I’d tag along.

Me and Ana decided that we would just keep score while the boys showed us what they could/couldn’t do. Ana was delighted when I told her I’d brought us some camping chairs along so that we could sit down while the buys were taking their time round the course. Wycombe Heights is a 18 hole par 3 course (I had to get Chris to explain to me what this all meant, and how to keep scores). Pretty soon into the game we had a few people (who seemed to be a lot better, and quicker that the boys) waiting for us to finish on a hole, so we decided around the 5th hole to sit over at the side and let them play, and we would carry on once no one else was waiting. So the boys sat on the bank, and Ana and I pulled our chairs over and sat with them.

At this point Chris pulled out a few cans of beer Matt had encouraged him to bring and we cracked them open while sitting in the sunshine. Now this is golf I can get into! So out comes my phone so I can take a few photos. I successfully managed to take a photo of Chris and Matt, and as I turned round to take a picture of Rich and Ana….it turned out I was on too much of a slope and the chair toppled. Queue them all laughing their asses off at me, covered in beer lying flat on my butt!


We soon moved on to the next hole, and both me and Ana had a quick go, turns out I’m better at scoring than I am at playing golf, but I wasn’t too bad considering it was my first go! We slowly moved our way round the course, and at one point were asked by some official man to either hurry up or let more people past as we were holding others up!

The boys successfully completed the course, and we headed over to a supermarket to get some bits for a BBQ round at Rich and Ana’s later that evening. The boys insisted on watching the FA cup final, and Spanish end of season game, which was made less boring by beer and me cheering on the opposite teams to everyone else! Turns out I have rubbish taste in footballing teams as both the teams I cheered on lost, but it was fun. We soon fired up the BBQ and sat eating, drinking and chatting until it got chilly at just gone 10pm.

I had a fantastic day, and really enjoyed myself, and hope the others did too. Something to be done again soon I hope, once the weather gets better again. English Summer weather has returned to its normal self and it’s about to tip it down with rain again!

Did anyone else make the most of the gorgeous weather at the weekend and have a BBQ?

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