Goals for 2019

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Recently I’ve started joining in with #kickerlist run by KatyKicker over on Instagram. It’s basically a to-do list that we want to get done for that day, and by posting it on our Instastories it holds us accountable to it, and encourages us to complete as much of it as possible. I have to say that it is rare that I complete everything on my list, but I do get a lot done. More than if I didn’t post the list. Throughout the day, I then check back in and cross things off, and Katy is wonderful at sending messages at least once a day to say good luck, or well done or whatever. I think it’s lovely. Anyway, I’ve decided to also write a list of my goals for 2019 and post it on here to help keep me accountable and to try to achieve as much of it as possible. Hopefully I will do better than I did in 2018!

Goals for 2019

Increase my social media following

I had this one last year, and although I didn’t reach my goals I’d set for it, I got close..ish. I decided to try again this year, and to put some more manageable aims. So I’m going to try to increase my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram following. My follower numbers still wont be sky-high, but every increase is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

Increase my DA to 30

Again, I had this goal last year, and it was pretty slow going. Mostly because I dropped so much at the start of the year. At the moment I have a DA of 28, so an increase of 2 should hopefully be manageable, but you never really know! I have been stuck on 28 for ages!

Double the traffic for Life As Mrs D

I think in 2018 I did really well working towards this goal, and think that if I had continued to blog like I had been for the first 8 months of the year (before I got pregnant and absolutely exhausted!) then I would definitely have managed it. Again, my page views etc. aren’t massive, but I think it’s always a good goal to work towards

Join in with a linky and link up every month

In 2017 and 2018 I have linked up with Living Arrows, which has been a weekly post, and I will admit I did often struggle to get the post up within the week time frame, and at times found it a bit of a chore. So I’ve decided any linkies I join in with will be monthly ones rather than weekly ones. One of the ones I’ve identified to do this year is Little Loves, which I have joined up with before, but not religiously. I’m hoping to make it a regular thing. Once Bus (our nickname for Baby #2) arrives I’d like to start linking up with the Siblings linky too.

Speak on Instastories

This might seem like a bit of a weird one. Instastories is the big thing at the moment in terms of blogging and getting yourself known it appears. I do do instastories, but I tend to only put pictures on there and writing. I hate my recorded voice, it sounds nothing like me, and often other people have mentioned that in the past (like on answer phone messages etc), but I’d like to bite the bullet and give it a try

Be organised

In previous years I have bought myself lovely diaries in an aim to keep myself organised. I tend to use them well for the first part of the year, but then it slips by the wayside. So this year, rather than wasting money I have printed out some blog planner bits from Mama Geek, and it means that if I need more sheets for various reasons then I can easily print them out as and when they are required, and adapt it how I need.

Goals for 2019

Read 5 books

Five may not seem a lot. However I had this last year and only managed to read 4 books throughout the whole year! I got a new book for Christmas though, so I’m hoping that will start me off well. Last year I didn’t start reading anything until about April/May sort of time!

Complete up to 60 of my #101in1001

I started my second list of #101in1001 in November 2017, and have completed 34 of them so far, with 18 started. I think completing a further 26 in a year could be hard going, but definitely worth a try. I’ve mostly done a lot of the easier ones so far, so it is mostly the challenging ones left, but we shall see how I do!

Double the amount of money earned through my blog in 2018

I only started earning money from my blog in April 2018 (I decided starting in April is much easier for tax purposes!!) and had a few months where I was really proactive in sourcing work, and then as with most of my blogging activities it fell by the wayside a bit when I got pregnant, so I didn’t make a load of money, but it was enough so that I could pay for a few things here and there. I’m hoping that I can fairly easily double my income from last year. The fact that I technically have an extra 4 months to do so helps too!

Try to use plastic less

Inspired by my friend Sam, who attempted a plastic-free Christmas, I would like to try to use less plastic in everyday life. Friends of the Earth have some great ideas for how you can attempt this. One of my big issues will be that I love my Tassimo coffee. Our old machine died just before Christmas, and we’ve just got a new one for Christmas. However, looking into it, all of their packaging can be recycled, which at least is better than just throwing some of it away.

Sell more of our unwanted things online

At the moment when I sort things out to get rid of most things go to a charity shop. Which is great. However, there are a lot of things in there that we could make some money from (and a few extra pennies are always useful!) even if it is only a couple of pennies or pounds here and there. Anything that we then don’t manage to sell can then go to the charity shop.

Meal plan more

I’m not going to say that we’ll do it every day for a month, as I know we just won’t manage that…or stick to it! However we really do find that when we plan what we’re going to eat for the week ahead we spend less money as we realise we actually have a lot of food already in the freezer, and we don’t buy random food we think we might need during the week. As Chris is running the London Marathon in April (here’s a link to his Virgin Money Giving page if you wanted to make a donation – he’s running in aid of Bowel Cancer UK as both my Grandma‘s died from it) we are likely to be planning a lot of meals around his training regime, so that helps us plan a bit better what we’re eating. I’ve just bought him this cookbook from Runners World that has some great recipes in that we’re going to try out.

Be more mindful about spending money

We are fortunate enough that we can get by on just Chris’ wage. We don’t have lots of money to spend, however we also are not scrimping and saving every penny just to pay the bills. I do think though that we waste a fair bit of money on things we don’t need. I know I’m bad at that…grabbing a quick bite to eat when I’m out rather than having lunch at home, or buying chocolate when I’m doing the shopping, or getting Isla this gorgeous thing I saw while I was out that she really doesn’t need. So I think, when I have 5 minutes (haha!) I will have a quick look over our bank statements and see where our money goes, and see if there are things we can cut back on a bit.

I had wanted to come up with another goal to work towards, as I’m currently on 13 (unlucky for some?) but didn’t want to make one up for the sake of it! So here are my goals for 2019. I’ll probably do an update part way through the year, and a recap at the end of the year to see how I got on.

Goals for 2019

What are your goals and aims for 2019?

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