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A glut of courgettes, plus recipes

As many gardeners will be finding at this time of year, we are experiencing a glut of courgettes! There are so many of them! I’m not really a big fan of courgettes, but Chris loves them, so we tend to grow them on the allotment and at home each year. At home we never usually do too well with them, and although the plant grows, we don’t get any courgettes from them. Last year my lovely mother in law gave us a round courgette plant, which we planted at the allotment and it did really well. So this year we grew our own courgettes from seed. When I say we, I mean Chris, I was busy growing a baby! And wow, this year both the plants at home and on the allotment have done really well.

We have had a glut of courgettes…annoyingly just as we had a really busy couple of weeks! We haven’t really been home much over the last couple of weeks, so our courgettes are more like marrows! We were going on holiday for a week, so decided we needed to do something with them before we went otherwise they’d just go bad. Queue an evening and morning of lots of cooking with courgettes and marrows!

We made courgette loaf (like carrot cake), chocolate courgette cake, and then some ratatouille and courgette & leek soup for Isla when she starts weaning.

The courgette loaf is sooooo nice (in fact Chris then made some more when we got home from holiday to take in to work), the chocolate courgette cake was still really nice, but I think it was taken out of the oven 5 minutes too early, so not perfect.

We still had loads of courgettes and marrows left over, so I gave several to a lady who was coming round to pick up a load of nappies Isla no longer fits into (and we didn’t like anyway – they were part of a nappy cake we were given), and then took several on holiday with us. And surprise surprise there were quite a few waiting to be picked when we got back from holiday as well!!

So below are some courgette recipes to help you out if you’re experiencing a glut of courgettes too! My brother’s lovely girlfriend sent over the recipes for the loaf and cake, but I’ve no idea where she got them from. The ratatouille and soup are from a pdf I was sent when I bought the Fill n Squeeze for when I’m making food for when Isla is weaning.

So here are the recipes:

Courgette Cake


Courgette recipes

Yummy courgette loaf

Chocolate Courgette Loaf Cake

Courgette recipes

Chocolate courgette cake

Thick Courgette and Leek Soup

Thick Courgette and Leek Soup


Courgette recipes

Ratatouille ready for freezing for when they’re needed for weaning


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