101in1001 #2

Give 101 Things to Charity #101in1001 #80

Give 101 Things to Charity #101in1001

One of my other goals is to declutter the house once a year, so I think this one fits in quite nicely with it. Now anyone who knows us will know that we have a lot of ‘stuff’. I think it drives my parents mad whenever they come to stay! Despite the fact we tidy, the house always looks full. I just reckon we need a bigger house with better storage solutions!

Anyway, I’ve slowly been decluttering the house for this year, a bit of a spring clean, and I’m either throwing things out, selling them, or sending them to the charity shop.

I was really impressed with my first area I sorted, under the stairs, as it’s always a mess under there. I managed to find over 15 things to take the charity shop, and that made so much more space (to fill up with other things!!)

Give 101 Things to Charity #101in1001

First lot of things to go to the charity shop

I found that this task has made me really ruthless. I wanted to make sure I completed it. 101 things seems quite a lot to find at the beginning, but actually when I looked at it, I managed to get rid of a lot of clothes, not just mine, but Chris and Isla’s as well, which really bumped up the numbers.

Particularly as I was so keen to finish it as I was nearly reaching 101, I put things in the charity shop pile that had been sitting around for a while under the label of we’ll use it again one day. But it hadn’t been used in such a long time that I decided what’s the point!

I’m not too sure how happy Chris was about it all. I would often send him a steam of photos while he was at work asking him if I could charity shop a load of his things! To be fair to him, he let me send about 50% of them to the charity shop.

It has also spurred him on, as even though I have completed this task, he is still sorting things out to send to the charity shop. I have sent a further 2 bags since, and probably have another one still to go.

I think this was a really good task to add to my #101in1001, as it not only helps us sort our house out, but it is also giving to charity, which helps others along the way.

I might try to do this every year, it will certainly help me work towards my other goal of decluttering the house a bit.

Have you ever set yourself a target or a certain number of things to send to charity? Does it inspire you sort things out more?

Give 101 Things to Charity #101in1001

Check out my whole list on this post. If you’d like to see how I’m progressing with all my other tasks, then have a look at my list on the Day Zero Project site

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