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General chit-chat

I’m trying to be good and keep blogging again this time, rather than leaving massive 5 month long gaps between posts!! So here is a quick (??) one with a bit of general chit-chat for you guys!

So I’m still waiting on my ‘urgent’ appointment with Neurology, and have had another couple of days off work this week due to a horrific headache. It’s just getting boring now, and I feel so guilty and pathetic for constantly phoning in sick. Before I was pregnant I’d had 2 sick days in the whole of my working life, and now I think I’ve had at least 9 in the last 3 months. Thankfully my boss is very sympathetic about it, and forces me to go home if I’m bad, and won’t let me back to work unless I’m 100% better. Doesn’t help that I also had 2 days off at the start of last week with a nasty cold that I was worried was turning into a chest infection at one point. Thankfully it didn’t, but it wasn’t pleasant. I felt so pathetic calling in sick with a cold, but when all you can take is paracetamol and you feel like death warmed up, work really wasn’t a good idea. It must have been a bad cold too, as this time I passed it on to Chris, and he never gets my colds. Our office also doesn’t have any windows or fresh air really so it would have just spread like wildfire. I think I actually got it from my lovely boss, who was also off for several days with it, so at least I know I wasn’t just being a drama queen!

We get to see our little Blueberry again in just under 2 weeks, which will be fantastic. I still haven’t felt Blueberry move yet, so being able to see them and know they’re okay will be reassuring. Chris has started referring to Blueberry as a ‘he’ on occasion, which is nice…I know I should be happy no matter whether we have a Blueberry or Pinkberry, but I really really want a Blueberry!

General chit-chat

My weekends at the moment are pretty boring. Chris has his (hopefully) final two exams next week, so he literally spends all his time in the study/nursery revising and watching online lectures, most evenings, and all day Saturday and Sunday. People keep saying I should go and visit them…but for starters I’m really lazy, and secondly it would require driving a fair way to see them, and most of you will know my thoughts and (irrational) feelings on driving! So rather than spending my days doing something productive, like my mountains of ironing, or cleaning the house, or anything useful in fact, I just slob around the house, catching up on TV and watching films! I don’t think the nesting instinct has kicked in yet!!! (It definitely hasn’t, you should see the state of our house!)

I’m hoping we might make a quick trip up to the allotment this weekend. Though it is ridiculously windy outside at the moment (when did the UK start acting like America and giving any gust of wind a name by the way!?! This current one is Desmond apparently!) We popped up quickly last weekend, I chopped down a load of brambles really quickly and we picked our first cabbage (and several slugs to go with it!!) It was really nice though, we cooked it the next evening with some pancetta and maple syrup, yum yum!!

Most unusually for me, our Christmas tree and decorations haven’t gone up yet! Usually I’m itching to do it on 1st December, but they’re still sat in their boxes upstairs. I think this shows how ill I’ve been this week with my headache. Plus it would require tidying the living room so there was somewhere for the Christmas tree to go! I’m always jealous of people who get real Christmas trees. We always had a real one growing up, and it was lovely. I love the smell of them, and it makes the home feel so Christmasy. However we’re usually not around enough over December for it to really be worth it, so instead we have a fake tree we bought 5 years ago for £5 in the January sales! Hopefully it’ll go up by the end of the weekend, but we’ll see!

So has anyone else not got their tree up yet, who usually does by now? I’ve got friends who wait until Christmas eve to put theirs up, which I think is a nice tradition, but I’m far too impatient for that….plus we’re never here on Christmas eve! When do you usually put yours up?

Do we think I’ll be organised enough to do another post before our next scan? Or will my next post be a Blueberry/Pinkberry reveal!? I’m soooooooo excited!!!

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