Four Weddings & A Funeral

I’m not quite sure how it has been over 4 months since I last updated. I guess, as ever, life has been bat-shit crazy! I spent quite a few months feeling really ill, and lost a lot of weight, and to be perfectly honest blogging was the last thing I felt like I could manage. I could barely eat or sleep, let alone do usual housework or write anything. Thankfully I’m generally feeling better now, but I guess after such a long period of time goes by, it is so difficult to start up blogging again. Where do you start? With another apology post for being AWOL for so long? I’m getting bored of writing those! So what has been happening? To briefly sum up this summer…it consisted of Four Weddings & A Funeral.

I had a wonderful holiday at the end of June with some great friends, but it was slightly marred by finding out on the day we were flying home that one of my best friends from school died suddenly earlier in the week. We’re still not sure what the cause was, post-mortems and tests have all come back inconclusive so far. It was a big shock. I’ve known a fair few people who have died over the years, mostly older people, parent’s friends, or clients of mine. but when it’s someone you used to spend pretty much every spare minute you had with when growing up, it really stops you in your tracks. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, and that makes me feel bad, but I guess it’s how life is a lot of the time. His funeral was….shit, as all funerals are. But it was so fitting of him. The eulogies his friends gave summed him up so well, they had us laughing and crying all at the same time. I was amazed at the number of people that attended. The crematorium was full to the rafters, with people stood at the sides, in the aisle, and even outside in the hall way. It was amazing to see how many people’s lives he’d touched. So many people that I knew from else where that I had no idea knew him. I hate to eulogise about him, cos in his words “9 out of 10 people are *****, and I’m one of them” Listening to all the stories everyone was sharing about him afterwards, he was certainly right. He loved winding people up something rotten, and I guess that was part of his charm.

Towards the end of summer we then had a string of weddings. My little big sister (OK, so not sister, but our parents met at ante-natal classes 33+ years ago, and we grew up together) was the first of the little lot. It was the most amazing wedding, so relaxed, so fun, but also so thoughtful and intimate. It absolutely tipped it down, thunder and lightening and everything! Which without meaning to sound mean, I was thrilled at, cos it pissed it down on my wedding day too!! The rain didn’t dampen things though, as loads of us got into swimming costumes, and jumped either in the outdoor swimming pool or on the bouncy castle that was there! We had an amazing time! We also had a few tears at one point though, as everyone raised a (shot) glass of Jura whiskey to Alex, the bride’s step-dad who was no longer with us. I think I may have written previously about Jura – it’s a lovely island up in Scotland that Alex’s family used to own, and we used to go there in the holidays. It was beautiful. I miss Jura, and I miss Alex.

Wedding number two was a couple of our friends (who we were on holiday in Spain with earlier in the year) They hired a converted barn on the border of Wales, with 20 or so of us staying there for the weekend, with the wedding over the border in Wales (she’s Welsh, he’s English). It was fantastic, and so intimate. There was a lot of dancing, a hot tub, shooting stars, and for me, a horrific headache!

Chris, me, Andrew, Fay, Dan and Roo

Chris, me, Andrew, Fay, Dan and Roo

Wedding three was my cousin, Dan. There were some fantastic bits to this wedding which I thought was a great idea – namely bits left on the tables for everyone to fill in. It was a piece of paper, where we had to fill in the blanks about the bride and groom, offering advise, names for their children etc etc. Did they honestly think they were going to get any sensible answers from out family??? They were hilarious, and we all had such good fun coming up with answers. The best man’s speech was also incredible. He did a whole song about Dan, which we all joined in on for the chorus, as well as photos hidden under the table of Dan (shhhh, don’t tell anyone that we stole that idea for Chris’ brother’s wedding a couple of weeks later!)

The final wedding of the year was my little (or not so little) brother in law. My darling mother in law took the service, and Chris and their other brother were best men. They did a cracking speech, with said photos hidden under the tables, which everyone seemed to love! It was great to catch up with various family members and friends that we don’t see very often. And the entertainment was a ceilidh like we had at our wedding, so it was great fun, but exhausting!


What else have we been up to over the last 4+ months?

We had a nice week in Wales during September, we hired a wood lodge, with a hot tub and sauna, visited lots of places I’d been to when we used to camp in the area as children. Again, marred by another horrific headache on the last couple of days.

We celebrated my darling Daddy’s 60th birthday, by going out for the most amazing meal in Birmingham. It was a 9 course tasting menu at Adam’s, with various appetisers at the start too. I was soooooo full, but it was soooooo amazing!!! The next day we also went to Amerton Farm where my eldest brother and his 2 kids, which was great fun.

We also had a fantastic weekend celebrating my Grandparent’s 60th (!!!) wedding anniversary. It was such a wonderful weekend to have the whole family there. My uncle managed to come over from Australia as well, which was great. Grandma and Grandad had brought some photo albums with them, from their wedding, and then over the years. We played a great game with the younger Chris’ of the family (I have an uncle Chris, my husband is Chris, and my cousin’s husband is also Chris – it can get confusing sometimes!) where they had to guess who was who between my mum and aunty in photos (they’re identical twins), and then of photos of me and my cousin from when we were younger. Amazing that our husbands really struggled telling us two apart!

Uncle Alan, Grandad, Uncle Chris, Aunty Sue, Grandma and Mum

Uncle Alan, Grandad, Uncle Chris, Aunty Sue, Grandma and Mum

That’s a brief summary of what we’ve been up to really, with some more weekends of visiting friends and family all over the country, as well as a leaving party for Chris’ best man and his girlfriend who are going travelling for…forever all round the world!! It was fancy dress, and we had fun making our last minute costumes with the theme T or L.

Oh yeah, and to mention the most important news……I’m considering changing the name of my blog… Life As Mumma D……..!!!


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