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Four days all to myself!

This weekend I have had four whole days to myself. Bliss!

Chris has been in Bristol Friday to Sunday for a stag do, so had Friday off work to go down there. If Chris wasn’t going to be working on Friday, then neither was I!! So as my leave year ended this week, I thought I’d use my last two full days of leave on Thursday and Friday and enjoy a nice long weekend to myself. Chris said goodbye to me on Thursday morning, headed off to work and then off to Mark’s for the night before they headed off to Bristol on Friday morning

I had a nice long list of things I wanted to do while Chris was away, some things I’d wanted to do for ages, and some things I’d just decided to do. I didn’t tell anyone what I had planned, cos come on, this is me, if I told them what I had planned to do, I probably wouldn’t do half of them and would then feel bad and lazy!

So here’s my list of things I planned to do, crossed out are the ones I’ve done:

  1. Cook a big batch of chilli for the freezer
  2. Sew the big hole in my coat (I’ve been meaning to do this for at least a month or two now!)
  3. Cook a sausage and bean casserole in the slow cooker for the freezer
  4. Clean the window sills (seriously, yuck! Have not been done since we moved in, this required some rubber gloves and several water changes cos they were so gross)
  5. Cook a beef stew in the slow cooker for the freezer
  6. Sort out the attic (we’d bought some big plastic boxes last weekend so that I could sort bits out, a big red one for all the Christmas stuff so it’s easy to find each year, and a couple more clear ones for the stuff we just had in cardboard boxes. I just need to get Chris to actually sort through them now to see if he wants to keep them all – videos, mechano, uni bits)
  7. Sort through the bits found in said cardboard boxes (turns out they’re Chris’ stuff, just bits that have been in boxes for years, and moved from the attic in his mum’s old house, to the attic in my parent’s house, to our attic. I’ve been sorting through some of Chris’ ‘boxes’ and scrap booking lots of cards, invites, bits and pieces with memories, and I found a lot more things in the attic to stick in his scrap book)
  8. Go to the allotment
  9. Catch up on lots of recorded TV
  10. Do a second coat on two of the doors upstairs (as you may remember from previous posts, I did the first coat about 9-10 months ago, but haven’t had the time/been bothered to do the second coat. Well, now they’re done, but the edges still need doing…hopefully to be done in less than 10 months!)
  11. Re-sort the freezer (it was a tip after things just getting thrown in, so now it’s slightly less of a tip!)
  12. Cook curry for the freezer
  13. Blog
  14. Watch films I’ve sorted through that I want to get rid of, but want to watch one more time – I’ve watched half of them, but still another 4 to go
  15. Ironing (Seriously, who actually thought I was going to do this one!?)

I also found a new programme to watch on Netflix, well…new to me. I’ve started watching Misfits after someone mentioned a week or so ago how good it was, so thought I’d check it out. Really like it, I’ve already watched the first two seasons, and am a couple of episodes through the third season. I’ve done several loads of washing, and put the dishwasher on countless times, and far too much washing up (some things just don’t dishwash)

Although I’ve got loads done, I’ve also been very lazy, and the earliest I got up was 11:30 – thought to be fair I have been going to bed at least 2-3 hours later than I usually do. All of this was done with a banging headache as well!!!

What have you guys been up to? Anyone else had a productive weekend too?

P.S. On Wednesday we decided we could celebrate some good news I had, which can’t be mentioned right now. So on the off chance we thought we’d pop in to The Hand & Flowers in Marlow to see if they had any spaces for dinner. Well they didn’t have spaces on tables, but had spaces to eat at the bar – erm…yes please! So we had a lot of food, and cocktails and wine. Yum yum! I had a Death’s Door Gin & Tonic with baby fennel – divine!! Must be the most expensive meal we’ve had where it’s just the two of us, but well worth it!!



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