Flat pack furniture does not make for marital bliss!

The other week we decided that we finally had the time to make a trip to Ikea. Our weekends have been crazy busy recently and I feel like we haven’t really had a chance to breathe. So we decided that we would head over to the Bristol store. Our closest one is probably London, but the traffic heading over there is always horrific, so we thought we would kill two birds with one stone and visit my brother in his “new” flat while we were at it!

My brother moved from Birmingham to Bristol last September, and life has been so busy since then that we haven’t quite got round to visiting him yet. So Friday after work we drove over to Bristol and stayed over at his. We had a great evening, eating pizza and drinking red wine, while listening to a very random selection of music and chatting. What better way to spend your Friday nights!?

Saturday morning we were rudely awoken by my darling brother firing his Nerf gun at us! Delightful child! Seriously, has he not learnt in the last 27 years that I’m not a morning person, and hate being woken up!! Anyway, after breakfast and a wander down the beautiful Bedminster high street we returned to his flat and watched United get beaten by Swansea – queue a sulky husband! He blames Heather – the last time we watched football with her United lost as well! Then we headed over to Ikea, the best part of the weekend (shhhh, don’t tell my brother that!)

I LOVE Ikea! I’d love to have a blank house (and a fair whack of money. Yes, I know I technically had a blank house when we moved in here, but that’s not quite what I meant), completely empty rooms, and just get someone from Ikea to draw up plans for how to furnish it with loads of storage. It would be amazing. I love going round Ikea and having a look in their showroom ‘apartments’. Usually Chris and I have long negotiations about what we do and don’t need. It’s usually me saying we need things and Chris telling me we don’t!

Anyway, back to the real Ikea trip. Jamie and Heather decided to come along with us too, as Jamie needed a lamp shade (and failed at getting one!), and it turns out we spent a good two hours wandering around deciding what to get. To be fair, a lot of that time Chris and I spent trying to decide what we actually wanted. We knew we wanted a wardrobe of sorts for the alcove in the third bedroom/study, and some sort of new storage for all our DVDs and CDs in the living room as at the time they were in about 7 different CD racks, 1 DVD stand, and just loads of DVD’s in carrier bags, which did not look good! After about 1.5 hours we had vaguely decided what we wanted. We had decided on the wardrobe, and had narrowed it down to a dresser or chest of drawers for the living room. At the last minute we changed our mind on a wardrobe and picked one up we saw right at the end when we were going to collect the original. And also spent another good 10-15 minutes debating which storage thing we wanted for the living room. In the end we went for the chest of drawers and saved ourselves £200 in doing so! We still ended up spending over £200, but we came out with a fair amount of bits and pieces so I was happy.

The next task was to try and fit it all in our car! I’m so glad my brother was around to help us arrange, and rearrange it all. Turned out that both the chest of drawers and wardrobe were in really long boxes, and had to squeeze through the middle of the front seats to get the boot closed. Chris had a few issues seeing his left wing mirror, so every time he moved in I had to look in his mirror for him and tell him it was OK to move! Great fun!!

It is at the point of getting home that I am so glad we no longer live in a 2nd floor flat with no lifts, all we had to do was carry it in the front door and dump the (very heavy) bits in the living room and kitchen until we could be bothered to move them again!!

Sunday morning was spent rearranging the living room, and clearing a space for the wardrobe in the study. The afternoon was spent putting together the flat pack furniture, and in some cases taking it apart again because one part had been put on the wrong way round so our lovely wardrobe has a massive piece of wood sticking out the bottom of it. This also resulted in a certain someone (check out one of the categories tagged at the bottom!!) getting impatient with it, and ripping the back piece of wood for the wardrobe!! To say the air was blue is an understatement! Anyway, several hours and many more cross words later the wardrobe and chest of drawers we put together and we started putting bits and pieces in them.

Any newly married couples, or couples about to get married…I warn you know…flat pack furniture does not make for marital bliss!! As great as Ikea is, the arguments that follow when things don’t go right when putting it together are not so great, and sometimes I think it would be easier to spend the extra money getting pre-made furniture, getting someone to deliver it and put it in the right place!!

Anyway, that was a while ago now, and we are both very happy with our new furniture. Most things have been put away in them that needed putting away. We haven’t quite managed to find a home for all the -in the living room at the moment, but we’re getting there. The study also looks even more of a dumping ground than it originally did, as previously we had managed to hide loads of stuff behind the door in the alcove, but now there’s a big wardrobe there, so they’re all on display instead!! We’ll get there eventually, but I think it may require another weekend or two when we have nothing else planned!

Have any of you ever managed to put flat pack furniture together with your other half without heated arguments? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it happening before!!


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  1. joannavictoria

    August 27, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    we recently went to ikea to get a new wardrobe and chest of drawers. The only arguments we had was whether they would actually fit in our bedroom.

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