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Five of the weirdest bath toys

Isla has always loved her bath times, right from her very first bath when she was just days old. Over the last 18 months we have had a variety of bath toys. Ones that we’ve bought, and ones that have been given to her as presents. And she has loved them all. However, there is a new bath toy on the scene. Now I use the term bath toy quite loosely, as the vast majority of people would not consider it a bath toy by any stretch of the imagination. Most people wouldn’t even consider it a toy, full stop. What is it?

Five of the weirdest bath toys

A nail brush!

Five of the weirdest bath toys

Yup! That’s right, a nail brush that cost all of 50p at the Londis near our house. After an afternoon at the allotment the other day, Isla had mud all down her finger nails, so we gave them a gentle scrub with our nail brush. That night she went mad in the bath until I let her play with the one she’d seen on the bathroom sink. She sat there “scrubbing” her nails, and it turns out it is also great for tickling her feet with!

Now, this got me thinking as to what can be classed as a bath toy. And made me wonder as to whether it was just my darling Isla Bear that was a complete weirdo. So I turned to the trusty blogging community and asked them as to what their children’s favourite “bath toys” were….and I certainly got a strange selection back! Here are my top five of the weirdest bath toys

Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders children like to play with empty toilet roll tubes. They get pretty soggy after a while, and then they pretend they are poo and leave them on the side of the bath tub! Delightful!

Five of the weirdest bath toys


Helen from Natural Beauty With Baby said her son likes to take a stress ball in the bath with him. Pretty normal? Well…it is one shaped like a boob!

Five of the weirdest bath toys


Beth from Twinderelmo has told me that her youngest takes a big dinosaur dog toy in the bath with them…..but they don’t even have a dog…and never had done. Explain that one!

Five of the weirdest bath toys


Nicola from Woman in Progress, Donna from The Sleep Thief’s Mummy, and Michelle from Time and Pence all came up with the same bath toy. Their kids love to play with a Calpol syringe!

Five of the weirdest bath toys

I’m pretty relieved to hear though that Isla isn’t the only weirdo. These are all really bizarre bath toy choices….and it turns out the Kelly-Anne from Mimi Rose and Me has a child that likes to play with a scrubbing brush in the bath too!

Kids are just weird….or imaginative I guess! Both work.

What is your little one’s favourite bath toy? Did you wind up with any weird “toys” at bath time? I’d love to hear!


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Five of the weirdest bath toys


  1. lemons2408

    November 8, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    We had some “interesting” bath toys when my boys were little, too! Most of them involved my hair tools! These will be great memories to tell later in life :)!

  2. mommyhomemanager

    November 8, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    Haha. Kids attach themselves to the weirdest things. One of my son’s favorite things to play with is the tube part of the Nose Frida. I leave it in a kitchen drawer and he will find it and walk around with it in his hand or sucking on it.

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