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Five things I’ve learnt since Isla was born

So here is a list of just five things I’ve learnt since Isla was born.


Babies have a lot of poo!

In our NCT classes we were told that when a baby is first born their stomach is the size of a marble. So how can a baby with such a small stomach first of all take so long to fill it up! And secondly create so much poo!? Seriously, there were times when we were changing her nappy and there was still more of it…and more…and more…and more! Sorry if that’s too much information, but it’s true. There is just so much poo in a small baby!!

Cutting a baby’s nails is the most difficult thing in the world

Supposedly a baby’s nails need cutting approximately twice a week when they are this age. I would possibly agree with this, as Isla seems to love scratching her face, but hates having scratch mitts on as it means she can’t suck her thumb! I can’t really comment on how often Isla’s nails really need cutting though, as it is so bloody difficult to do!! Sometimes I just go for biting them off (lovely I know) when I’m able. Other times I try to actually cut them with nail clippers, but she likes to grip her hands so much that it’s difficult to get to them, plus they’re so short still that it’s hard to do without fear of cutting her fingers! My next attempt will be when she is next asleep and see if it’s any easier then. Does anyone have any suggestions on how is best/easiest to cut their nails?


Isla is making me strongly consider taking out shares in Pampers!

Following on from my first point about babies having lots of poo…. this also means we go through a LOT of nappies. Often we will change Isla’s nappy, sit down (sometimes we don’t even get this far) and she will need another nappy change! We have taken to undoing her nappy and leaving it a little bit to see if anything further happens, and then changing her into a clean nappy, but sometimes this doesn’t even solve the problem. We have dubbed this ‘doing an Isla’.


Random noises made by babies can scare the crap out of you!

I’ve not progresses to the obsessive parent who constantly checks to see if their baby is still breathing or not, mostly because I think if I did I would start to get a bit obsessive about it, and every slightest thing would send me into a blind panic, and I don’t want to get to that stage. However there are times when Isla’s asleep that she will make random noises and it can make my heart stop for a second. She does make really cute noises as well though, little squeaks, snoring (please note Chris, this is only cute when Isla does it! It is never cute when you do it!), even her breathing at times sounds really cute.

I would like to say at this point yes, I’ve changed. I’ve gone soppy. I find breathing cute. I mean really!? Does anyone that knows me think I would ever find breathing cute? Usually hearing people breathe annoys the hell out of me!


My husband is wonderful! *

*warning – I’m going to be soppy again!

I honestly don’t know how I would’ve managed without Chris. He has been absolutely wonderful. I’ve been limited in what I’ve been able to do since Isla was born, as my stitches split, and so I’ve had to take it easy, and haven’t been able to walk around much without being in pain. Chris has effectively been waiting on me hand and foot. He has been cleaning the house, cooking dinner, doing the shopping, still continuing with the gardening etc. He has been so accommodating with trying various sleeping schedules to see what works best for both me and Isla, depending on how much sleep we had the previous night. He’s been back at work the last week, and even though he previously has required at least 8 hours sleep to function, he has been managing very well on 5 hours of broken sleep max. He even makes me a plate of lunch each day with a wide variety of healthy and not so healthy (chocolate and crisps, else he knows I would complain!!) foods so that I can just grab it out the fridge and not have to sort it myself, ensuring that I eat enough, especially while breastfeeding. There are so many other little things he does, including the majority of the nappies, that I am so thankful for. I definitely got a good one here.

Sleeping Isla

Isla is so lovely when she’s sleeping!

The Durrans Family

First family photo

Are there any weird and wonderful things you’ve learnt since having a baby? Do you have any tips or advise on how to make life any easier?

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