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Little Loves is a linky that runs once a month. It’s aim is to remember the little things that happen, and a nice, easy way of documenting them.

Seriously, where did February go!? I know it’s a short month, but it really seemed to fly by.


I am still slowly working my way through Why Mummy Drinks. I go through phases of reading it quite often, and then not reading it for weeks at a time.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really had time, or the inclination to read much else. I think my aim for March should be to try to finish Why Mummy Drinks. Do we think I can do it?


Baptiste – I absolutely loves both series of The Missing, so I was really excited when I saw adverts for Baptiste. I’d heard ages ago that they were making it, but had no idea when it would be out. I am currently three episode in, and although I am enjoying it, and each episode gets better, it’s not as good as The Missing. Let’s see if the remaining episodes can change my mind at all.

Sex Education – We had a month’s free subscription to Netflix. I try not to watch it too much, as I tend to get a bit obsessed with binge watching series on Netflix, and so refuse to pay for the service, otherwise nothing else would get done. Lots of people had suggested watching this, and I actually really enjoyed it. It was quite weird….very much looked as though it was set in the 80’s, but had smart phones etc. I’d definitely recommend watching it.

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 are back from their mid-season break. This always makes me happy! I could happily binge watch Grey’s Anatomy (all 15 series) back to back…if only I had the time!

Little Loves


Every year we have at least one weekend where we hire a cottage with a group of friends, and just have good food, play lots of games, and good times. Each couple brings food for one dinner and one breakfast, and it works. For our breakfast we decided to bring fresh fruit, yoghurt and homemade granola. So we experimented with granola recipes, and found one that we really liked. At some point I might get around to writing it up!

Isla is pretty obsessed with Bing, a Cbeebies programme. And for ages she has been asking me whether we can make Ginger Bunnies, as Bing does in one of the episodes. But we haven’t had a bunny cutter. But I managed to find one, and Isla was beyond excited when I agreed to make “Ginger Bunnies”. I have a confession to make…..they weren’t ginger bunnies….I don’t like ginger, so we just made normal biscuits….there were also frogs, people, and lots of stars. Isla seemed to absolutely love the biscuits though, which is great. Usually she asks to make things, and then refuses to eat them!

When we went away with friends, I decided I really wanted to make chocolate brownies. I use a Delia recipe….good old Delia! But rather than using the 4 different types of nuts she suggests I use just brazil nuts. And oh my, these brownies are awesome….I think I ate most of them myself!


Erm….what I always wear at the moment….maternity jeans and a t-shirt. It’s all I fit in to! Despite our mini heatwave I didn’t progress to anything summery….mostly because I don’t fit in anything….but I’m looking forward to some warmer weather in a few months time, and being able to wear different clothes!


Isla comes out with some of the most amazing things at the moment. I might write a post about them all, or do a mini series with posts every few months with the weird and wonderful things she comes out with.

My current favourites that really make me laugh at:

Would you like at cup of tea at all?


Erm…how about….no!

Oh dear, I think we’re definitely going to have fun when she’s older. Attitude! But at least she’ll make me tea!

February's Little Loves

And lastly…

I had a routine midwife appointment a few weeks ago, and the student midwife measured Bus as being on less than the 5th centile, so I got sent for an urgent scan the next morning. Turns out Bus was measuring on the 47th centile! Oh well. We’ve also had another scan since then. When I had a hospital appointment a while ago to discuss my headache medication they decided that as Isla was born on the 8th centile when she was 5 days overdue, they wanted to keep an eye on Bus to make sure she’s growing OK. The scan went well. They confirmed Bus was definitely a girl, and was measuring on the 51st centile. I thought that would be it….but after a two-hour (!!) wait to see a consultant, they said they wanted to carry on with growth scans every 4 weeks. It’s nice that we get to see how Bus is doing, and know that she’s growing OK etc, but having to sit around hospitals for 2-3 hours every few weeks, when you actually only see a professional for 15 minutes of that time is fairly annoying!
February's Little Loves
February’s Little Loves

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  1. Mummy Hearts You

    March 7, 2019 at 9:18 am

    February flew by didn’t it? I can’t believe how quickly March sprung upon us! I am loving this season of Greys, by far my most favourite program. You bump is lovely! Thanks so much for linking up and have a wonderful March

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