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A fantastic weekend

I know it’s now Thursday, but I thought I’d do a belated post about what we got up to this weekend as we had such an amazing time. Chris studies on Monday and Tuesday nights for his accountancy, usually he brings his work laptop home so I can mess around on that while he’s using our laptop for lectures, but forgot it this week! Thanks! We really must get ourselves a second laptop (once we can afford it!) so I can blog to my hearts content!

So our weekend! Straight after work on Friday we headed off towards the M25 (always fun on a Friday night) and then on up to Cambridge. We had booked a hotel a little way outside of the city centre with a great deal – Β£160ish for 2 nights, with spa facilities, 2x breakfast and a 3 course dinner for one night. It was one of our friend’s birthdays so a group of six of us met up for the weekend to celebrate. We always have a great time when we see them, and it usually involves a lot of food, and a good amount of alcohol.

After checking into the hotel and freshening up we headed down to the bar before dinner. Roo and Dan were already there, and Andrew (birthday boy) and Fay joined us soon after. Dinner was great, 3 courses and some very nice wine, and a lot of chatter. Andrew and I both had the fantastic idea of have a starter, a starter sized main, and then 2 desserts! I might do this more often, or maybe have two starters sometimes rather than 2 desserts…I always struggle to choose what to have when out for dinner! We’d mentioned in passing to the waitress that it was Andrew’s birthday, and they kindly did this to his dessert:


On Saturday morning we helped ourselves to the buffet breakfast. It had a great selection – full english, fruit, cereals, pastries, toast, cheese and meats, yoghurt, tea and coffee and juices. Of course I ate far too much, but think I was quite restrained compared to my darling husband! After breakfast we headed into Cambridge (which smelt a lot of silage as it had recently been spread on the fields) and went straight for the boats so we could punt down the river.

The weather was absolutely glorious, and had a great time on the boat. At a bargain price of just over Β£16 for the 6 of us for an hour (thanks to Roo’s student discount) we ended up having a bit over an hour and it only ended up as Β£6 per couple! Birthday boy Andrew decided he would punt for the first half, and we set off. Thankfully we had a paddle as well as the punt, as it was fairly difficult to punt up-stream, so we used the paddle to help set us in the right direction, until we went wonky again. About half way up the river we heard a shout from behind us to back paddle. When we looked around Andrew no longer had the punt, and it was stuck in the mud slightly behind us! Queue hysterical laughter, and a lot of back paddling! We managed to go past the punt once, and so had to attempt it a second time. We did have a lot of other boats laughing at us too, and even some taking photos!! I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in a long time, I had tears streaming down my face. After a few minutes a madly paddling we got the punt back and carried on up the stream without further mishap. On the way back down the river Chris decided he wanted to punt, and we had a very relax glide back to where we started. Andrew claimed it was much easier to go downstream than upstream…and I think I would agree with him – from experience when Chris and I last went to Cambridge, Chris’ punting skills up stream weren’t great either.


Cheeky selfie with Andrew punting

Cheeky selfie with Andrew punting

Me and the birthday boy, with Chris punting

Me and the birthday boy, with Chris punting

Roo, Dan paddling, and the back of Fay's head!

Roo, Dan paddling, and the back of Fay’s head!

We then had a leisurely walk around Cambridge, with a spot of lunch, and then headed back to the hotel so we could get some spa action going on! They had a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, and thankfully it wasn’t that busy either. I do think the swimming pool or jacuzzi had too much chlorine in though, as Roo’s costume ended up being almost see-through in places after getting out, and my necklace had tarnished significantly (I’ll have to clean it this coming weekend, if I remember).

We went our for an Indian for dinner, which was only a short walk away, and it was lovely! Far too much of it for me to eat….but that may be because I filled myself up on poppadoms (seriously, I could eat my own weight in poppadoms!) We popped into Morrisons on the way back and got a few drinks and snacks, and then went back to Andrew and Fay’s room to play a pub quiz game Roo and Dan had. I do love a good pub quiz!

Sunday morning again was a big breakfast, followed by some crazy board game about the 7 wonders of the world, again which Dan and Roo brought with them, which was actually quite fun once I got the hang of it! As Chris had to get back to study in the evening we decided to go into Granchester rather than Cambridge. The weather was beautiful again, so we had a walk down by the river, and then headed to a pub garden for a drink before we had to head off.

All in all it was a lovely relaxing weekend, just what we needed after what seems like a hectic couple of months. When we got home though Chris developed a bit of man flu, and only managed 30 minutes of studying before he went to bed at about 6:30…I gave it until at least 8:45 before I joined him!! I tell you what, it’s exhausting all this socialising all weekend!

I’m looking forward to having a weekend where we have nothing specific planned…apart from the list as long as my arm of things we need to do round the house!

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