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An exhausting weekend

I am absolutely exhausted! It’s been a nice long weekend, but I feel like I could do with a week off to recover from it.

Friday night was just spent relaxing, a bit. We sat and watched some tv (catching up on bits we’ve missed recently – there doesn’t seem enough time to watch everything we want at the moment), and then we made some more sushi with the bits we had left over from our first vaguely successful attempt on Thursday night. We both had an early night, going to bed before 10pm – how rock and roll are we!?!

Saturday we got up fairly early for a weekend, and had to tidy and then pack as we were off to Brighton for the weekend. We left at about 11am, and drove down towards Brighton. As we were spending until Monday in Brighton we didn’t really want to pay for parking the whole weekend there as it would cost LOADS! So we cheated and checked out train routes round Brighton, and ended up parking in a residential street in a little town a couple of stops outside of Brighton and got the train in. We got into Brighton just gone 1, and checked into our hotel, which was about 2 minutes walk from the pier. We then walked over to the convention centre to get Chris’ running number for the Marathon on Sunday, and met up with Mark (who was also doing the marathon) and his girlfriend, Lou, and then got some food while desperately trying to get watch the Grand National on our phones as we’d all put little bets on. We had to settle for updates on the BBC website though. Both Chris and Lou’s horses fell, Mark’s came in 2nd or 3rd, and mine came in 5th. Mark then had a little sulk because we decided we couldn’t be bothered to walk back down to the convention centre on the off chance that we may see Paula Radcliffe! So we parted ways and Chris and I headed back to our hotel room, climbed into bed, ate dinner and watched The Voice. We were both dead to the world by 10pm. Seriously!? What is happening to me when I’m in bed and asleep before 10pm, this never happens to me!!

Sunday was another early one, like stupidly early! I was up at 7am (on a Sunday!!!) and was pretty pissed off to find out there was no hot water! So I slapped my hair back like a prize A chav, and we headed up to the train station to meet Mark and Lou for 8am and then walked up to the start line of the marathon. I don’t think I would’ve agreed to do this if I knew it was so bleeding far! (What a supportive wife I am, eh!?) After making sure Chris stretched and had everything he needed for his run, Lou and I waved goodbye to our men and wished them luck. We walked along the side of the start line, and somehow managed to find them. The start gun went off and Mark looked thrilled when he heard over the tanoy that Paula Radcliffe was on the start line giving people high-fives! He was like a little kid!

Lou and I headed back into town, and managed to see the boys at several points over the first few miles, which I think they were really happy about. We then headed off for a coffee, cake and gossip, and then headed off to the sea front for about 11am so that we would be there in plenty of time to see the boys at the half way mark. So Chris comes running past at bang on 2 hours, and there is no sign of Mark, apparently he stopped at 6 miles as he was really struggling. Could we get hold of Mark? Could we b*ggery! About 20 minutes later after millions of phone calls, who runs past us!? Only Mark! He stretched it out and carried on. Both Lou and I breathed a sigh of relief and went for a much needed cup of tea in a quaint little tea shop in The Lanes. We sat and chatted for a while, and then headed back to the sea front so that we would be there in time for the boys finishing the marathon.

Chris crossed the line after 4hrs, 14 minutes and 12 seconds (to be precise), which I think he was very happy with considering it was his first marathon. We finally met up with Chris amongst the throngs of people near the finish line and waited for Mark to come through. And waited. And waited. And waited! And waited some more. Lou was getting really anxious at this point, and Mark wasn’t answering his phone. Chris disappeared off to the runners section to see if he could find Mark anywhere, and finally he called to say he’d found him. I think it was at this point Lou vowed never to support Mark at a marathon again! Mark completed in 5hrs 37 minutes 37 seconds, and struggled the whole way round (it’s a good job we didn’t go back and see Paula the day before, else he may have struggled more with all that extra walking!) Either way, I was very proud of both of them for completing the marathon – I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) run for a bus, nevermind run a marathon!

We wandered around for a while, and then said our goodbyes, and headed back to our hotels. Oooh, guess what? Still not hot water!! Queue a very angry phone call to reception! Apparently they were having problems with their boiler, and we could use the facilities on their sister hotel two doors down. I tell you what, you don’t half feel a pratt walking down the streets of Brighton with a towel and wash kit in your hand!! We both enjoyed a hot shower/bath and then decided we would go out into Brighton for a quick play on the 2p machines on the pier, and get some dinner. We had planned on getting cocktails after dinner, but were both so knackered (I reckon me and Lou must have walked nearly 10 miles during the day going from various points along the route to meet the boys, then walking for coffee etc) that we just went to Sainsburys after dinner, bought some orange juice, chocolate milkshake and creme eggs and climbed into bed. Our light was out by 9:40, and we quickly fell asleep! I honestly think I have been taken over by aliens….or have some disease that is making me sleep!

As we’d missed out on cooked breakfast on Saturday cos we had to be at the race so early, I was really looking forward to my full english on Monday morning (yes, we took a day off work – I did not want to battle all the thousands of runners trying to get out of Brighton on a Sunday afternoon!) It was amazing, although it was missing black pudding. Why does no where really do black pudding with a full english these days? They should rename it a 7/8 english if they’re not going to include black pudding. Anyway, I deviate! After breakfast we ummed and ahhed as to whether to spend some time going round the shops in Brighton. We decided that as it was raining, and our favourite shop in Brighton had closed down, we couldn’t be bothered, so just headed back to the car, and made a short detour to Ikea on the way home. Three hours and nearly Β£150 later we were actually heading home! We didn’t actually buy any furniture, just lots and lots of little bits and pieces, which should hopefully make our home neater and more organised. I do love organised, but that is for another occasion!

We arrived back home, and all I felt like doing was collapsing, but there was washing to be done, tidying to do, unpacking. We got a fair amount done, and I was quite pleased with myself that I sorted out our bedroom a bit so it no longer looked like a dumping ground for all our clothes, but more organised and liveable! We’ll get there eventually, but it’s a slow work in motion!

I feel exhausted after this weekend (God knows how Chris feels!), and feel like I could do with a week off to recover from it! How was everyone else’s weekend?

My boy, just after he finished his first marathon

My boy, just after he finished his first marathon


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