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A bit of a disastrous weekend!

So this weekend didn’t go entirely as planned!

I think the less said about Friday night the better! As for Saturday – it could’ve been worse, it was vaguely productive at least. We both got up fairly early, and soon decided what we wanted to get sorted this weekend. We started with clearing out the attic…as I’ve mentioned before we’re both a little bit hoarder-ish (is that even a word, or did I make it up!?) when sorting through things, we’ve both been guilty of saying ‘ooh, that box might be useful at some point’ and so just putting it up in the attic. Now that most of the attic was without some serious sorting, and we still have suitcases to put up there prompted some ruthlessness, and rearranging. So up I went into the attic, and threw down all the boxes we had up there. A few we kept – can’t be too ruthless too soon – and the rest we took to the dump.

On the way back from the dump we popped into the garden centre just down the road, and had fun wandering round, getting some ideas for what we may want in our garden and courtyard in the future. We ended up buying a nice little basket that had daffodils and various other pretty flowers in which we’ve now put outside our front door to brighten the place up a bit. We also bought some compost so we could pot up some of the plants we already have, and also some big mugs that can easily fit our Tassimo drinks in, as often we struggle to find cups big enough!

My lurverly basket (excuse the poor light, I've just been out to take the picture, and it's a bit dark out!)

My lurverly basket (excuse the poor light, I’ve just been out to take the picture, and it’s a bit dark out!)

Next up we finished decorating the bathroom (yay, finally!) and while Chris started rubbing down the paint work in the second bedroom, I started on my first craft project for the house – watch this space! Our new mirror was re-delivered on Friday (the previous one had a big crack in the woodwork), and so we went to put it up on the wall, with the holes we’d already drilled in, but oh no! It can’t just be that simple can it!? No, the left hand hole that fitter for the last mirror perfectly, was probably about 5mm out on this mirror! I could not believe it! That’s another job to sort then…repositioning the hole, when we have time! Then we had to sort out the living room as our new sofa was getting delivered on Sunday morning!! We then collapsed on the sofa and caught up with Australian Masterchef which we had recorded (it’s the 2012 series being played on Really at the moment, and we are totally obsessed with it! New Zealand series starting this week too! Yay!)

Sunday, bloody Sunday! So Chris was up just before 7:30am as the sofa was getting delivered anytime between 7:30am and 8:45am. On a Sunday! A Sunday! Really!? So the doorbell woke me up when they got here at 7:30am, I wasn’t impressed, but then just dozed until Chris came upstairs and told me the sofa wouldn’t fit through the living room door! They couldn’t get it round the corner from the hall, and reckoned they couldn’t take it apart either, so had to take it away again and someone would be phoning us to ‘discuss our options’!! ARGHHHHH!! I seriously thought he was kidding and just wanted to wind me up. Oh no, he wasn’t! Queue some blue air in our house! There was no chance I was going to get back to sleep, so up I got. Yes me, up before 8am, on a Sunday! Although we had a lot that needed doing, I really was not in the mood to be running around like a blue arsed fly, so instead I slobbed on the sofa all morning, catching up on TV and having a little snooze every now and again. Chris was out for a run for a few hours…and got hailed on! When he got home we had a bit of lunch, and then watched some more TV! We cooked our first roast in the new house, and it went very well! Usually we struggle with timings, but managed it pretty damn well even if I do say so myself. I ate far too much, and still didn’t manage to eat all that was on my plate!

So our Saturday was productive day, with only the one mishap, and Sunday was just a write-off! I hope everyone else’s weekend was better than ours! I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to blog to you from our new sofa..whichever that one may be…whenever we may get it!!

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  1. Sam

    March 24, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Do Not buy flower pots or planters. We inherited 100s. Sad blog. Onwards and upwards.

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