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Couch to 5km – week 1

So I’ve completed the first week (of 9) on the couch to 5km challenge.

As I’d said previously, I don’t do exercise, so usually at the start of each run I’ve found this quite difficult. The second and third run of the week were much easier than the first, and I’m largely putting that down to the app working properly on these runs, so I didn’t end up running for as long as I first did.

On the second run Chris had found me a nice little round route to do, which at times was tricky as it was down a small path that was fairly muddy as it had rained heavily the night before. This meant I was running (even) slower that usual, but there were some really lovely views, and we ran past a load of blue bells in flower which were really beautiful. The path we were on also ran along side the M40, which was very bizarre!

The third run of the week we went a similar direction to the first run we did – just outside the village and into the next one. It just went to show how the app wasn’t working properly on the first run as that time we had got outside of the village and into the next one before we even started the first running section, where as on the third run we had already completed the first and second sections of running at that point. As we weren’t sure how far we would end up we just decided to head out on the road until we reached the half way mark on the app, did a quick little loop round a foresty area, and then ran back into the villlage.

So week 1 of couch to 5km is completed, and I haven’t keeled over! There is hope for me yet! I’ve decided that running (for me at least) is a bit like what I imagine childbirth to be like (correct me if I’m wrong) – while you’re doing it you wonder why on earth you got yourself into this situation, and at times feel like you are dying, but then at the end of it you feel a real sense of achievement, and looking back on it you forget the really bad bits and convince yourself you almost enjoyed it, and plan on the next time you might do it again! Yes, I am strange, but that is how I view running!


I’ll keep you posted from time to time on how I’m getting on, but my real challenge will be this week when hubby is away in America working, so I will have to go out on three runs on my own!!


  1. Astrid

    May 5, 2014 at 3:15 am

    Wow, you’re amazing! I don’t do exercise either so I can relate to how you felt on the first run. Then again, I’m probably much more sedentary than you are as I run out of breath on a few hundred metres’ run.

    1. Sophie

      May 5, 2014 at 12:22 pm

      I’m the same, before I started running I struggled to run 100ms without feeling like a lung was going to explode!

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