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Come Dine With…Skinny Spending

Every Friday I’ll be posting another dinner guest wish list in my guest series, Come Dine With…

This series asks all sorts of bloggers who their dream dinner guests are, and why. As you’ll find out there is quite an eclectic mix! This weeks dinner guest wish list is from Melissa. You can find Melissa’s blog over at Skinny Spending.

Come Dine With...

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So without further ado, let’s Come Dine With… Skinny Spending

Carl Sagan – I have always been interested in astronomy and was fascinated with the 90s film Contact, based on one of his fictional books. This led me to read the original book and also his non fictional Cosmos and Billions & Billions. I would love to ask him some questions about his theories about the universe!

Marian Keyes – I absolutely love Marian’s books and marvel in her storytelling ability. She is also very open about her own mental health problems which I greatly admire. She is very quick witted and chatty on Twitter and I feel this would be the person you would get at the table too!

Victoria Wood – One of my comedy heroes who I’ve loved since childhood and has influenced my own sense of humour in so many ways. I still can’t believe she’s no longer with us,and although she was famously introverted in her own life and probably not one for dinner parties I would love to have the chance to chat with her.

Taylor Swift – I think she is amazing! I went to watch her in concert last year and it was one of the best live shows I have ever seen. She comes across as friendly and down to earth and I think she would be a great party guest. I would love to find out what her life is actually like.

Craig Charles – I was a big fan of Red Dwarf growing up and from listening to Craig on the radio I think he would be a great guest. He could also get the party going afterwards with some of his funk & soul classics!

Prince William – I wouldn’t say I am a massive royalist or anything, but I think the new generation are a real breath of fresh air and a lot more in touch with current affairs and environmental issues – although Prince Charles has also worked tirelessly in this area. I think William would be a very interesting guest and I would love to know what his life is actually like.

Come Dine With...Skinny Spending

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  1. Rosie (@greenrosielife and @ecogiteslenault)

    January 25, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    Ooh, this sounds like a fun idea. I know a couple I’d invite straight away.

    1. Sophie

      January 25, 2019 at 11:54 pm

      Drop me a message and I’ll send you the details of how to take part! Would love to have you join in! X

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