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Come Dine With… Sapphira Lifestyle

Every Friday I’ll be posting another dinner guest wish list in my guest series, Come Dine With…

This series asks all sorts of bloggers who their dream dinner guests are, and why. As you’ll find out there is quite an eclectic mix! This weeks dinner guest wish list is from Sapphira. You can find Sapphira’s blog over at Sapphira Lifestyle.

Come Dine With...

If you are a blogger and would like to take part in Come Dine With…. please contact me here.

So without further ado, let’s Come Dine With… Sapphira Lifestyle

Come Dine With... Saphira Lifestyle

J K Rowling – I would love to know about her background more and we would probably discuss Wicca and many more spiritual subjects.
Dita Von Teese – Dita is unique, sexy, classy and I love her vintage glamorous style. I think she would have some rather naughty stories to tell too.
Madonna – This woman practically brought me up throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Madonna is a great example that you can celebrate being female aswell as being strong and successful.
Courtney Love – she doesn’t really care about what people think of her and she will say what she likes.
Oprah Winfrey – for her wisdom and mantras.
Mayim Balik – Talented, a feminist, a great actor and another strong brain to be a part of what could be an extremely interesting discussion.
Come Dine With... Saphira Lifestyle

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