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Come Dine With… Life As Mrs D

Every Friday I’ll be posting a dinner guest wish list in my guest series, Come Dine With…

This series asks all sorts of bloggers who their dream dinner guests are, and why. As you’ll find out there is quite an eclectic mix! I thought it only right to start with myself, so you can read the post that inspired this guest series.

Come Dine With...

If you are a blogger and would like to take part in Come Dine With…. please contact me here.

So without further ado, let’s Come Dine With… Life As Mrs D!

Barack Obama – I think Barack Obama changed the view of politics for a lot of people, both young and old. He’s a pretty cool bloke, and I think he would be great to chat to about all sorts of topics. I remember an episode of Mock the Week around the time the Obama won his first presidential election. Russell Howard said something along the lines of “he’s so cool, you’d let him **** your mum” (Sorry Mum if you’re reading this!!!)

Dave Grohl – In four words. I LOVE DAVE GROHL! I have done for many a year. I used to drool over a certain section of the Learn To Fly video where he was looking pretty hot….not the bit where he’s in a fat suit! The bit where he’s crowdsurfing! I’d also love to talk to him about his time in Nirvana, what it was like knowing Kurt Cobain, whether he thought Courtney Love had anything to do with Kurt’s death. My hubby would also love to talk to him about what it’s like being friends with, and working with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age!

Victoria Wood – I debated for quite a while whether to invite Victoria or Judie Dench. In the end I decided on Victoria, as I think she had much more of a dirty sense of humour, like mine. I think with Judie Dench I would always be trying to watch my language too much!  Victoria could also provide us all with some comical entertainment with a rendition of a couple of her songs after we’d finished eating.

Prince Harry – I think Prince Harry, and Prince William have done amazing things to bring the Royal family into the 21st century, which I think was in desperate need of doing so. I’m never entirely sure as to what I think of the Royal family, but would love to sit down with Harry, and talk about his life. I’d love to know the ins and outs, and also talk to him about a lot of the charity work he does.

Sarah Millican – I know that she can be an acquired taste, but I think she’s fantastic! I find her so funny, and down to earth. And I absolutely love a Geordie accent. I saw her live a few years ago and came away thinking in a Geordie accent!

Harry Patch – For a long time I have been fascinated by WW1 and WW2. I’d love to talk to Harry about what life was like during World War One, I’m sure he’d have some fascinating stories as the Last Fighting Tommy. He lived to be 111 years old, and would have experienced so much in his years.

Come Dine With... Life As Mrs D

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  1. Perditas Pursuits

    February 1, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    I think I agree with all of those! Although at the moment my goal would be to eat ALONE without being a human climbing frame or the “you eating that?” hovering fork of the other half!!

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