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Come Dine With… Fashion-Mommy

Every Friday I’ll be posting another dinner guest wish list in my guest series, Come Dine With…

This series asks all sorts of bloggers who their dream dinner guests are, and why. As you’ll find out there is quite an eclectic mix! This weeks dinner guest wish list is from Emma. You can find Emma’s blog over at Fashion-Mommy.

Come Dine With...

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So without further ado, let Come Dine With… Fashion-Mommy

Olivier Giroud – Arsenal and France striker. Why? Have you seen him, the man is hot, the hottest man around in my humble opinion. I think it’s the beard, I’m rather partial to a beardy. I would basically sit next to him and try not to drool or dribble too much, which would be difficult.

Marilyn Monroe – She was my idol growing up, so beautiful and talented to. BUT, I wouldn’t want to take movies with her, but to ask her what happened on her last night, and whether Bobby Kennedy actually visited that night. Who killed Marilyn Monroe? I would love to find out from the lady herself.

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford –  I have just sat through ‘Bette and Joan’ in a couple of days and I was fascinated by just how much they hated each other – it really was with a passion. Having both legends as guests could see me playing referee, but as both ladies were superbly witty, it would be a very entertaining night, although the famously slim Joan would probably spend the night munching on a lettuce leaf.

David Bowie – My ultimate legend. Gone far too soon. Bowie was talented, charismatic and would be full of interesting stories about the excesses of the 1970s. Bonus points if he turned up in Ziggy Stardust guise.

Rhod Gilbert – Every table needs a funny man, and no one is funnier than Rhod when it comes to telling stories. We sat at the next table to him in a Welsh cafe once, my boy Joe was only two at the time and Rhod was wearing sunglasses inside.  Joe just kept shouting at him ‘man take glasses off’ the whole time he was eating, much to my mortification and his amusement. I’d see if he remembered.
Come Dine With... Fashion-Mommy

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