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Christmas and New Year catch up

Seriously!? It’s been over a month since I last wrote anything! I’m a bad blogger! So here is a quick Christmas and New Year catch up

I seem to have spent the last month ill, which really sucks. I’ve had two colds within the space of three weeks, and they’ve both completely knocked me for six, and I don’t usually get ill! Last year, not a single cold, now I’ve had three horrific ones within two months.

Anyway, I hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas and New Year. Mine seems pretty hectic. Hubby and I spent Christmas at my mother-in-laws, so actual Christmas day was fairly quiet. It was very chilled out opening presents, and I was spoilt as always! I love the stockings ‘Santa’ gets us, they’re always so thoughtful. Chris’ brothers came over on Boxing Day, and Andy brought his dogs (queue Mrs D’s death as I’m allergic to dogs, fun fun fun!) but more presents and lots of the usual sibling banter.

On 27th we drove up to Belper and into the snow! One of my favouritest people in the world has been back over from Australia over Christmas so there was a big party where we all got to catch up. I got to see my BRB’s (university girls) which was fab. We’re awful that we haven’t met up once since I got married (18 months ago!!!), but it was just as if no time had passed at all, which I think what a true friendship should be like. Needless to say I got horrifically drunk, but the less said about that the better. I think we generally all had a great time, and it was so great to see friends again.

On the morning of 28th we drove over to Mum and Dad’s, which was interesting in some parts due to the ice on the roads, but we got there in one piece. Both my brother’s were there, and Tim with his family, and my Grandma was there too, so a nice big family affair. Absolute chaos opening presents as my niece and nephew just passed presents out to everyone, and you had a massive pile of them you didn’t have time to open before you were passed another few! Who knew what anyone got, or who gave me what!! But I love all my presents, I was very spoilt!! Once presents were opened I crashed on the sofa, as I’d woken up that morning with my second cold in 3 weeks and felt like absolute tripe!

It was a pretty chilled out few days after that, just watching TV, playing Boggle with the family, and eating seemed to be all we did!! But wow, we had some fantastic food, as we always do when at Mum and Dad’s!! We drove home early on New Year’s Eve, took down all the Christmas decorations (I was bored of them by then) and unpacked everything. New Year’s Eve was spent sitting on the sofa watching DVD’s and stuff on Netflix, and I made a small bottle of cider last me nearly two hours (I must be ill!!!) We managed to stay up til Midnight, and watched the fireworks in London on TV, then went to bed. We are so rock and roll I tell you!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and Santa brought you lots of lovely presents. Here’s hoping 2015 will be a happy and healthy year, bringing us all lots of happy times

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