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Christmas present list for our baby girl

I’m a funny one when it comes to Christmas. I am such a big kid and get so excited about it. BUT Christmas trees and decorations should NOT go up before 1st December. I also have a strict ban on Christmas music before December too! I was most upset as our Christmas tree and decorations didn’t go up until 2nd December this year! We always write Christmas lists to send to our family, and it’s been fun finding things to for a Christmas present list for our baby girl.

As I’m on maternity leave this year money is a little tighter than it has been on previous years. We have to be a bit more sensible, but I also want to give Isla some fun presents for her first Christmas. So here is a little Christmas list of what we plan to give our baby girl.

Isla’s Christmas List

We were lucky enough a couple of months ago to be able to rummage through lots of toys that belonged to the daughter’s of my friend Zoe which they had grown out of. We’ve already given Isla some of these toys, but we kept a fair few behind for her to open at Christmas. I’m most excited about the Pintoy Shetland Rocking Horse, especially after we forgot to buy the one we saw when on holiday in Devon in August.

Christmas present list for our baby girl

Pintoy Rocking Horse – picture from Amazon

I also found a bargain or two on a Facebook buying and selling group I’m part of. Isla loves the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker we’ve given her already (best Β£2 I’ve ever spent!) so I’m hoping she’ll love her Activity Table just as much.

Christmas Present list for our baby girl

VTech Activity Table – Picture from Amazon

One present I’ve got for Isla was an Abacus I picked up when I popped over to the new Ikea in Reading a few weeks ago. Although I think Isla might be fighting her Daddy for this one! It’s probably a bit old for her, but I’m sure she’ll love the colours and moving the beads around.

MULA Abacus - Picture from IKEA

MULA Abacus – Picture from IKEA

The lovely people over at LeapFrog have also been kind enough to send Isla a few presents so she can have a wonderful first Christmas. I can’t wait for her to open them up on Christmas Day. I’m hoping Scouts Goodnight Light might help Isla sleep a little better, although she is improving at the moment. Maybe it will help her enjoy spending time in her cot! I love that My Pal Violet can be personalised to learn Isla’s name using a smart phone, so it can be used straight away, rather than having to spend ages setting it up on the day. Although Count and Crawl Kitty is meant for children 9 months +, it can also play fun songs and be pushed around so Isla can still play with it beforehand, and when she is ready it can then help her to learn how to count.

Christmas Prestent List for our baby girl

LeapFrog Count & Crawl Kitty

Christmas Prestent List for our baby girl

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Christmas Prestent List for our baby girl

LeapFrog Scouts Goodnight Light


I’m so excited for Isla’s first Christmas. She won’t remember anything of it of course, only being nearly 9 months old, but it will be so fun to dress her up, and show her all the twinkly lights on the Christmas trees. I might do a little round-up in the New Year to let you know which toys have been a hit, and which just got immediately thrown into the toy box never to see the light of day again!


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What are you getting your baby for their first Christmas?

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  1. Kirsty Dee

    December 5, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    my son had the leapfrog table and loved it ☺

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