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A chilled weekend with glorious sunshine

As promised this is a few days late, as usual! The excuse this time? I’ve had a cracking headache since Saturday, Monday night we went to see Russell Howard at the Royal Albert Hall!!! And yesterday hubby was studying and didn’t bring his work laptop home for me to use! Rude!!

So my weekend? It was fun and busy, yet chilled out at the same time, and filled with sunshine!

Friday night was ‘date night’ after hubby cancelled it on Thursday as he had to work. So we had a nice dinner (steak and chips) with a bottle of wine and caught up with some TV – my idea of a great night! We’ve been watching this Monkey Planet on the BBC which we simply love. This week had a monkey on with a huge nose so I made Chris imitate it while I took photos. We were in hysterics, which I’m sure the wine helped with. Sadly I’m not going to post the pictures on here as I think Chris would either divorce me or kill me!!

This is the monkey Chris was doing an impression of!

This is the monkey Chris was doing an impression of!

Saturday morning was busy, as they always seem to be these days!. One of my bridesmaids was coming to stay so we had to do a mad tidy before she got here at lunch, and our sofa was finally being delivered!! This of course meant taking the dining table apart again, stacking chairs and pushing the sofa bed to the back of the room again (reminiscent of a few weeks ago!_ I was panicking so much that it wouldn’t fit in again despite it being a completely different sofa, I think I would’ve actually cried if it didn’t fit. Both me and Chris breathed a huge sigh of relief when it slotted perfectly in the living room. From the looks of the delivery men’s faces they thought it might not fit at one point either! They were in and out within the space of about 3 minutes, took all the packaging away with them, and we were left with our new sofa! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! Once we’d put it in the right place, we brought in one of the coffee tables in from the garage as we knew what space we now had spare, and unpacked a few more boxes (we have also got a big footstool which has storage in it). Tess arrived, and we had a really chilled out afternoon, made lunch, had a gossip, had a bit of a nap (!!!), and then just watched films all night.

Our new sofa!!

Our new sofa!!

Sunday felt fairly lazy to me, we didn’t get up til 10am (which seems uber later to us these days!) and I pottered about in the kitchen tidying etc until Tess got up. She had planned on making us a roast dinner for us for lunch, but as the weather was so lovely we changed our mind and had the first BBQ of the season, and our first in our new house! As we needed a few bits and pieces we had planned on going into Marlow to get them and have a quick wander round the shops, however as we were driving out of the village we decided to go to the little farm shop down the road, as we’d been meaning to check it out since we moved into the village. It’s a lovely little shop, and had all the bits we needed. When we got back home Chris did the manly thing of making fire, while me and Tess did the girly bits of making bread and salads etc. The sun was absolutely glorious and I was surprised that I didn’t catch the sun!


Tess had to leave mid afternoon, so me and Chris disappeared out at the same time, over to our second home (Homebase!) as we had a 15% off voucher, and decided there were a few bits we needed. So we bought ourselves a strimmer (the grass area in the garden is not really big enough to justify a lawn mower), a sander (as there’s a few bits and pieces that needs sanding down, and it’s never going to happen if we just use sandpaper!), and a hose (as Chris is too lazy to fill a bucket up from 5m away to wash the car!!). So it turns out they also had a further Β£20 off garden furniture, so we ended up buying ourselves a bench for the back garden where you get some lovely sunshine in the late afternoon. It’s called a companion bench, and has a lovely table in the middle of the two seats – perfect for a large G&T!! As soon as we got home I strimmed the lawn – which was a bit of a jungle – and then we started putting the bench together. *Please note Homebase instructions should not be followed word for word/picture for pitcture, they are not accurate and tell you to use the wrong bolts in the wrong place!* What should’ve taken us above half an hour to put together took us nearly 2 hours and the sun had gone down by the time we finished! Chris got so infuriated with it that I told him to bugger off and study while I finished it off cos he was doing my head in! The allen keys ended up having the edges rounded off as he got so mad with it he wasn’t using it properly! But I have got to say I love the bench and can’t wait to have a free 5 minutes to use it (and enjoy my large G&T)…so that will be next year then!!


How was everyone elses weekend? I hope you all enjoyed the sun too! This coming weekend is going to be nice and busy for us too, as I think we’re going shopping to buy our (early) anniversary presents for each other, if we can find what we wanted, and also hopefully seeing some family!

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  1. sammioneill

    April 16, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    Glad you had a lovely time….. Go on post a pic of MonkeyChris πŸ™‚

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