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Catch up on Life As Mrs D

As mentioned in my previous post, it has been a while since I’ve managed to do any proper blogging due to laptop and internet issues, as well as being ill. So I thought it was time to do a quick catch up of what has been happening in the Life of Mrs D.

In March we went over to Spain for the weekend for a fantastic wedding of some friends. It seems so strange to saying you’re going to Spain for the weekend, but it absolutely killed me! After a night of lots of drinking, and even more dancing, I was sooooo tired the next day – strangely not feeling too rough – and felt like I could sleep for the next two weeks. It seems as though I’ve been ill constantly since then with one thing or another, but things seem to be improving now.

We’ve had a couple of weekends of seeing Chris’ mum over Easter and then when we stayed at hers for Christenings and Confirmations, which is always nice to spend time with her.

Friends coming over for BBQ’s and games of Cards Against Humanity (seriously – if you’ve never played it before, play it!!)

A great weekend of food, friends, fun and f…wine!

We’ve celebrated our second wedding anniversary (seriously, where has the last two years gone!?!)

A lovely day trip out to Kew Gardens.

My lovely mummy and daddy came to stay for a weekend. We did a lot of allotmenting being done, visits to Maidenhead farmers market (pretty rubbish this time round I have to say), flying visit to Cookham to see the Stanley Spencer Gallery, and a spot of lunch at Tom Kerridge’s The Coach in Marlow.

One of my best friend’s hen do at Alton Towers.

A visit to Wembley Stadium to watch Wycombe Wanders get beaten by Southend United on penalties – after all the excitement it turns out Wycombe will be staying in League Two for at least another season!

This weekend and next weekend are quite relaxed, as hubby has got exams coming up in the next few weeks so is studying lots. It means I get to catch up on TV and ironing (oh the fun!)

The next few months don’t seem to be any more chilled out though, we seem to have about 2-3 free weekends between now and the end of October, and I think we plan on keeping those free so that we can do a decent amount of work on the allotment and around the house etc. But I am looking forward to spending time with lots of friends and family coming up – some of them I haven’t seen in ages so it will be great πŸ™‚


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