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Couch to 5km playlist

I am currently just about to finish week two of Couch to 5km. I will admit that it is the second time I have attempted this, as I tried it a few years ago. But stopped after about 2.5 weeks.

This time I made a passing comment to my Mum that we should sign ourselves up to do a Race For Life at some point, as it’s on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days to complete a 5km run. (We are yet to sign up, but will do at some point!) And so when we were on holiday I was persuaded to go for the first run on C25K around the ramparts.

I have actually surprised myself by continuing with it once we got home, and there have been days where I have had to force myself to go out for a run, but have actually quite enjoyed it when I was out there. (Yes, this is still me writing this. No, I have not been drinking, or taken over by aliens etc etc. Yes, I did just say I quite enjoyed some exercise I did!)

I’ve definitely found that having music to listen to has helped keep me running, and spur me on when it’s getting tough. So far I’ve just been using the Spotify app, and having not explored it much, I’ve just been listening to random playlists on there. I’m not a big fan of their running playlists as I don’t know many of the songs on there, and the daily playlists it has created for me have some songs on that just aren’t suited for running! Far too slow and mellow.

So, I thought I’d create a playlist of my own, with the help of my fellow bloggers who also run, that can help keep me motivated for the rest of the 7 weeks of Couch to 5km, and any further running I do after that.

My first choices would be Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down, as well as Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name. They both have really good tempos to them, and they are my usual sort of music, so that helps.

Below are some suggestions from my lovely blogging chums. I have to admit that some of them would not be my usual taste, but I will try anything at the moment to help me complete Couch to 5km. I am determined. And a good playlist will definitely help with that.

Couch to 5km playlist

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim. The best just keeps me going. www.householdmoneysaving.com

This Is Me from the Greatest Showman! I like singing along and forgetting I can’t breathe! www.edinburghwithkids.com

Faithless – Insomnia. You can’t help but feel pumped when listening to it. The beat really helps too www.twinderelmo.co.uk

Starships by Nicki Minaj. The tempo makes me want to run www.ourseasidebaby.com

Sergio Mendes feat. Black Eyed Peas – Mas Que Nada www.cosmomum.co.uk

Yes – Mary Clayton. From the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. You can’t help but feel kick-ass when listening to it! www.fromrachaelclaire.com

Sex Is On Fire by Kings of Leon – it was one of my fave tracks to run to when I did couch to 5k. Enjoy! www.themumconundrum.com

Tempted to say I Will Survive! by Gloria Gaynor www.kateonthinice.com

Shake it off by Taylor Swift. I’m guilty for doing actions to it  www.emmareed.net

Couch to 5km playlist

Photo by Hunter Johnson on Unsplash

Run to the Hills: Iron Maiden totally gets you moving  www.sineadlatham.com

The theme tune from Rocky!! www.mommyandrory.com

I used to run to 99 Problems by Jay Z. I found the sweary shoutiness helped me when I was flagging! www.falcondalelife.com

A few of my faves are Pump It (Black Eyed Peas), My Favourite Game (The Cardigans), Bohemian Like You (The Dandy Warhols) and 1 Thing (Amerie). They’ve all got great running beats. Also well done on week 2! www.baremother.com

I like a bit of classic rock for working out / running – nothing like blasting a bit of Queenwww.welshmum.co.uk

Sia – Titanium is my favourite song to run to!www.fabfatmama.com

Route 94, My Love www.wingingmamahood.com

Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia www.kerrylouisenorris.com

S club 7, Spice Girls and Britneywww.mybump2baby.com

I love Jai Ho by the Pussycat Dolls as the rhythm gets me motivated to move www.frugalfamily.co.uk/

You’ve Got The Love -Candi Staton and The Source – so uplifting www.thrifty-home.co.uk

Heather Small – Proud www.justaveragejen.com

Air – All I Need https://spinninplates.com

Ooh there are lots but it’s what gives you that kick when you’re out there. My top three favourites are Despacito – Justin Bieber & Luis Fonsi, Come and Get It – John Newman and Can’t Feel My Face – The Weekend www.workingmumcambridge.com

Appetite For Destruction by Guns and Roses – I even try to sing along when I’m not asphyxiating www.shanelliswilliams.com

Couch to 5km playlist

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

So, have any of you completed the Couch to 5km? How difficult did you find it? And did you find music helped you run? Any tracks you would suggest?

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