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How exciting

I am super excited at the moment. We are finally signing the contracts on our new house tomorrow lunch time. After months of things dragging over one thing or another, it all seems to be going quite quickly now, and also seems so real now! We’ve spent the last few months thinking that it may fall through at any point as the vendors have be pains in the arses, but hopefully it should all be sorted soon. I’m still not going to get too excited until I know that they’ve signed as well. I can’t believe we’re finally buying our first house.

The vendors have said that they want to be out by the end of the month, so we should hopefully have the keys to our new house, and have at least some stuff moved in within the space of 2 weeks

A friend of a friend is getting rid of some furniture and has offered it to us. We’re getting a pine dining table and 6 chairs, 2 coffee tables, a sofa bed, bedside table, tumble dryer, and ironing board for just £100!!! She’s also said that if when we’re picking those bits up and see any pictures, mirrors, lamps etc we like then she will throw those in for free too! We still need to buy a sofa….and a bed (that might be useful!), but I’m sure that’s what credit cards were made for right??? (don’t panic – hubby is an accountant so deals with all the money fine, we don’t rack up massive credit card debts!)

I’m so excited! But still, must remain calm and not get too excited until I know that they’ve signed the contracts! I keep having to repeat that to myself to stop me getting carried away and mentally moving in yet!

I think I’m going to officially be an adult soon! Buying a house is proper grown up, and something that I didn’t think we would be able to do for a good few years yet, so it’s great that we’re nearly there now. So so close!

Buying our first house

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