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Build a sand village with Isla #101in1001 #41

Build a sand village with Isla #101in1001 #41

When I put this one on my list I guess I thought building a sandcastle was probably quite easy to do. You just need one bucket, fill it up turn it over, tap tap tap, and done.

Far too easy to tick off.

But I thought making a village could be quite fun.

I’ve got memories of, I want to say when I was little, but probably early teens is more accurate, of going up to Jura and making a sand village with my brother and one of our friends. We made little castles, and houses where people would live, and we use seaweed bits as their gardens and trees and stuff like that. We were old enough to put quite a lot of detail and thought into it, and there was probably a back story to it all!

But we really enjoyed ourselves and I think it was this memory that I had that made me think I would love to do that with Isla. Obviously she is a bit too young to put all that detail into it and understand any the story behind it but we had fun doing it anyway.

We went over to Chris’s mum’s back in August, and she lives by the sea and while she was busy doing bits and pieces, me, Chris and Isla headed to the beach. I will admit that there were already a couple of sandcastles there when we arrived (and no one around claiming them) so I thought I would just add to them.

Build a sand village with Isla #101in1001 #41

So we made quite a few sandcastles actually, various different shapes and sizes our little sandcastle village was complete. Isla wasn’t too sure at first about making them all, but then she quite enjoy doing it. Her favourite bit was doing tap tap tap on the top, which was quite cute.

But Isla also enjoyed knocking them down! We had to explain to her that we had to finish making the village first and then afterwards she could knock them down.

Build a sand village with Isla #101in1001 #41

Once we finished making the sandcastle village with Isla, and took some photos, she went to town (or village!) and literally knocked every single one of them over. So our little sandcastle village didn’t last long, but Isla enjoyed it, and I quite enjoyed it as well. I’m sure it’s something that we will make again in the future, and we might even get an elaborate story behind it one day as well. So, that is another one ticked off the list – build a sandcastle village with Isla

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Build a sand village with Isla #101in1001 #41


  1. Edward Manders

    January 9, 2019 at 8:55 am

    Sophie, you may have been too young to remember Frank on our holiday to Turunc Bay, Turkey, with his “contract” for you kids to build a model village on the beach for Vietnamese Boat People. Stretching the imagination of children is so important, and making it fun is doubly so.

    1. Sophie

      January 9, 2019 at 11:19 am

      I vividly remember Frank and our village. However, I wasn’t allowed to do any of the building… I had to make sure all the boat people had enough soup when they arrived! In my mind we spent hours playing that game! Xxx

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