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BT are a joke!

So on Friday night hubby spent over hour on the phone to BT as they had finally sent through a bill, for over Β£140. Do one BT!! So it turns out that they have been charging us for TV and Broadband at the old flat still (despite phoning up on numerous occasions to check that they had cancelled it, as the new tenants there were saying it was still connected to us). However their system also showed that we had no internet at the new house (erm….what have I been using to blog for the past nearly 3 months!?), and there was a broadband cancellation fee charged to the old flat (despite them saying they wouldn’t charge us!). So my question is – how can they be charging us for internet we don’t have here, and technically shouldn’t have at the old place either as they’d charged us a cancellation fee!?! So into this they look, and it turns out that when they changed our internet over to the house they accidentally set us up with business internet rather than personal internet, but they can’t change that on their system, we would have to phone some other section of BT, but oh wait, there’s no one in that department for the weekend!

Any other mess ups? Oh yes! After we moved in and set up everything here (or so we thought) Chris has also asked that we pay our line rental a year in advance, which makes it cheaper – turns out they have no record of this, and they didn’t take the money out of our account, so now we’re paying more each month. How can they not have a record of it? I was sat right next to him when he asked them to do it!! Well, an hour later and we’ve managed to get about Β£55 off our bill, but who knows about the rest of it! We shall just have to keep trying once they’ve changed us back to personal internet rather than business internet! How can a company be so completely useless!? When we’d phoned them up before about our phone line at the flat they said that if they looked in one part of the system our phone line had been cancelled, but if they looked in another part of the system if hadn’t and no one could figure it out! I tell you what, it’s a good job that Chris was talking to them and not be, else there may have been a lot more expletives in that phone call!

I’m hoping it will all get sorted, and quickly. They’re not really encouraging us to stay with them in the future when they mess things up so badly. Has anyone else had to deal with truly incompetent companies!?!



  1. Ana Wilde (@lvfromana)

    April 26, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    I’m constantly amazed that companies are so poor at keeping customers happy. It’s a wonder they stay in business…

  2. Detta Edwards

    April 26, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    I feel your pain! We left BT after their complete incompetence! There was an issue with our broadband too and they were going to charge us loads of money for an engineer visit when they actually sent the wrong person out who said he couldn’t fix the problem because it wasn’t his area! If you can, leave them as soon as possible – we are with sky and their CS is so refreshing and extremely helpful. BT are idiots and about as useful as a chocolate teapot!

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