101in1001 #2

Brand my website #101in1001 #3

Brand my website #101in1001

When I wrote my list I probably should have written this one slightly differently, as looking back on it I know what it means, but I’m not quite sure a lot of other people would do.

I guess what I meant by it, is that I wanted it to get redesigned, to have my own ‘logo’ so to speak, and then for all my social media and business cards (yes, I have business cards – they’re useful for when I go to press events, or conferences or whatever) to have my logo on it. So they all tie in together, and are uniform.

My amazingly wonderful friend Zoe over at Mama Geek has her own web design business worked her magic on my site. I told her vaguely what I wanted (a nice purple, and with a link in to gardening/allotmenting, but something that will hopefully stand the test of time and not need constantly updating) and well, this is what she came up with!

I absolutely love it! I think it makes my site look so much more professional. I also love the little ladybird that is on it. Me and Zoe have a thing about ladybirds, so it’s just nice that every time I look at my header I’m reminded of Zoe and the silly things we used to get up to!

I like to think that as I’m more branded now, and look more professional that it is helping me look much more appealing to brands, and helps bring in bits of work, which means that I can then help pay for treats and things for our family, help pay bills, and mean that we don’t feel finances are quite as tight!

What do you guys all think of my ‘branded site’?

Brand my website #101in1001

Check out my whole list on this post. If you’d like to see how I’m progressing with all my other tasks, then have a look at my list on the Day Zero Project site

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