Isla Jean, Pregnancy

Blueberry at 26 weeks

How far along? 26 Weeks today!

Total weight gain: 4lbs, not put any more on, but I did have one of my headaches for 5 days last week so very minimal food, and then seemed to have some sort of 24hour bug or something at the weekend
Maternity clothes? Living in my maternity jeans, normal tops are starting to get a bit short. Could probably do with buying a couple of smart tops, as I had nothing to wear to dinner at the weekend with Mum and Dad
Stretch marks? Starting to get a few on my boobs, which one of the girls at work will tell me is because they have suddenly got huge again! None on my tummy yet though

Sleep: Very hit and miss, some nights I can sleep through, other nights I’m up around 6 times to pee and it takes me forever to drop off in the first place
Best moment this week: Putting the cotbed together, and spending the weekend with mum and dad

Miss Anything? Alcohol!!! And being able to fit into my pretty clothes
Movement: Loads. Blueberry is kicking regularly now, as well as somersaults and the occasional hiccup session
. She seemed to be dancing along when I was singing driving home tonight 🙂
Food cravings: None
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, luckily
Gender: Female

Labour Signs: Nope
Symptoms: heartburn a lot at the moment, getting tired a lot again the last week or so, getting full quicker than previously, but whether that’s from not having eaten much last week I don’t know
Belly Button in or out? In, fingers crossed it stays that way!
Wedding rings on or off?
On, still easily come off, though I’m reluctant to get them re-sized as I’m sure I’ll just get fat enough again for them to fit eventually
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy most the time, get the occasional moment when I feel really emotional for no reason, which is something new for me and I’m not enjoying it!
Looking forward to: Meeting Blueberry, now the cot is up with a few snugglies in there it seems a lot more real, I’ve also finally decided on my last day of work (24th March) so can’t wait!

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