Bits and bobs

I think this post is going to be a bit…bitty. I’ve not really got much to blog about specifically today, so just thought I’d write bits and bobs about what’s flying round my head at the moment, what we have planned, and what we’ve been up to

On Friday I’d completely forgotten we’d planned on going to Mission Burrito with Rich. Awesome surprise (kinda) after a truly crap day at work. Chris and Rich had made a bet ages ago, which Chris lost, so Rich was cashing in on it. Rich had lost it the year before, so had to eat the spiciest burrito they do (Rich thinks a korma is spicy!!). So this year when Chris lost he had to have a burrito with just beans in it, black beans and pinto beans – Chris’ idea of hell. The guys serving us thought it was hilarious and gave him extra beans!! Chris’ face was a picture, and Rich was loving getting his own back.

Bean burrito

Doesn’t he look so happy!?

The weekend I thought was quite successful. On Saturday we (Chris, Ana, Rich and me) went for a walk around our area, which included a walk through Stoner Park, which is a National Trust property, so I think I’d quite like to visit that properly some day, as it was closed for the day for a private function. Boo hiss, we wanted cream teas at the tea shop, but it was closed πŸ™ Rich was horrified that we’d lived round here for 7 months and not really explored the area much, so his mission is to take us on lots of nice walks around the area, and most importantly about the walks? They have to have a pub at the end! (I know someone who reads this would agree that’s how walks are meant to be!) On Sunday, Chris and I felt like we did a lot around the house, but I’m not entirely sure we did. I guess as long as we felt we did then that’s OK!

Last night I was on a bit of a mission. For the last however many weekends when I’ve written out my to-do list of what needs doing ‘sort under the stairs’ has always been on it, but has never been crossed off! So last night, after having to empty half of the contents of under the stairs out so that I could try and find the bike pump (failed at first, but found it much later) I decided that I would finally sort it. Chris was working all night (surprise surprise), so off I went and emptied the whole thing out, hoovered, resorted, chucked out, and put things back in. If anyone knows what we’re like with our under stairs storage we usually open the door, throw something in, and close the door again quickly before it falls out again. (Does anyone remember that episode of Friends with Monica’s cupboard? Yeah, it was that bad!) And now, it is lovely and sorted, and there’s so much more room in there. I’m hoping we’ll attempt to keep it slightly tidy, but I wont hold my breath!

Understairs storage

Look! There’s carpet! Who knew!?

As of 4:30pm on Friday Chris and I will be on holiday for two weeks! Yippee!!!!!! I know I’ve said it before, but we haven’t had a proper holiday in ages. This year we’ve decided to have a weekend at Chris’ mum’s, a few days in London, then a week in Devon, and then a weekend at Mum and Dad’s. I c.a.n.n.o.t wait!!! Just two weeks of relaxing and doing whatever we want! It’s going to be bliss!! And now I’ve got the song “holidays are coming, holidays are coming” (like the Christmas Coke advert) stuck in my head.

Which makes me think of Christmas. Yes, I know it’s a swear word this early in the year, but I’m a huge kid when it comes to Christmas. I don’t really give a monkeys about New Years Eve, but Christmas I love it! I always have present ideas for various people thought up well in advance, but I’m so disorganised that I always leave it until the last minute to get them. Maybe this year will be different, and I’ll be really organised, but I doubt it!!! It doesn’t help that Chris’ birthday is at the start of December, so I usually use most of my good ideas up for him for his birthday, and then have to rack my brains as to what to get him for Christmas! I know it’s only just September, so I shouldn’t even be thinking about Christmas, but tough luck! I am weird though, cos I will refuse to let people play Christmas songs before 1st December, and am absolutely horrified that I’ve seen Christmas cards in shops already! Seriously!?!?!

What bits and bobs have you all been up to? Is anyone super organised and already started their Christmas shopping? Any holidays planned? Or have you all been away somewhere lovely already.

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