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Birthday Weekend

For the last week or so I’ve had friends and family asking me whether I’m doing anything special for my birthday (3rd), and every time my answer has been ‘I don’t know, I haven’t thought that far ahead’…even on the Friday before! With arranging the move and work being so chaotic these last couple of weeks I really haven’t had chance to think what I was going to do for my birthday. I’m not usually a big birthday celebrating person, I’d rather just have a nice dinner and watch a film I want to watch rather that celebrating with lots of people.

My brother came over on Saturday as his girlfriend was working, and he didn’t want to spend the day on his own in Guildford. As usual, we didn’t really plan anything until the last minute! In the end we decided on painting pottery, a roast dinner, and the rugby!! Sounds like a great day to me!

We headed over to Holme Grange Craft Village in Wokingham. Chris and I had driven past it a number of times and always said ‘we really must go there sometime’…so finally, just a few weeks before we completely moved out of Bracknell we decided to go! We had a quick lunch at the cafe, which was alright, nothing special, and then headed over to the Pottery Pals shop. Straight away we were told how things worked (take whatever you want to paint of the shelf, and start painting!). There were so many different things you could choose to paint, cups, plates, picture frames, vases, dinosaurs, princesses, you name it it was probably available to paint! We chose paint a herb planter, as there were three pots, and then a tray, so we got to paint a pot each, and then all painted the tray.

It was so much fun, and so relaxing! We probably spent a good two hours painting, it was so much fun. I was like a big kid! The only downside is that we have to wait until Friday to pick them up as they have to be fired. But then again, that just adds to the excitement for Friday of picking up my new herb planter, as well as the keys to our new house!!



In hindsight, it may have been an idea to take some photos of the herb planter with the pots the right way up, but I was too excited about it all to think of that at the time. I’ll be able to post pictures of it after we pick it up on Friday, where hopefully the colours should be a lot more vibrant after it’s been fired.

After we finished painting, we bought some cakes for pudding later on, and then came home, cooked a roast dinner, and watched the rugby – lets not talk about the final 5 minutes of the game please!!

I don’t know about my brother and Chris, but I had a fantastic day, and would love to go back there again. I can’t believe we’ve lived here for 3 years and only just gone to Holme Grange Craft Village, and now we’re moving! I think we can still manage to make the occasional trip over there,Β  and maybe try out some of the other crafts they do like Jewellery making and Pasta making!

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