The Big Allotment Challenge

I’ve started watching The Big Allotment Challenge on the BBC recently, and although I usually get distracted while watching is, as I do with most programmes these days, I do love it and in fact have it on series link.

When Chris and I first moved to our lovely little village, Chris got very excited when he came home from one of his runs as he’s seen not one, but three allotment sites around the village while he was out. The first third thing he did after he got home (after have a drink, and a shower on my instructions!) was to look on the local parish website about how you could apply for one!

Our village has recently increased it’s allotment charges from an extortionate Β£6 up to Β£7….a year!!!! It’s no wonder there is a waiting list! What a bargain price! So Chris quickly applied for an allotment (as did our friend Rich – he does love a good competition!), and so we are fourth (and Rich is fifth) on the allotment list. The rules of the allotments state that if yours is unkept for three months then it will be given to someone else, so Chris regularly goes and checks the allotments to see as to whether there are any and reports back.


The more I watch this Big Allotment Challenge, the more I want to be given our new allotment. This week they were making chutneys and cordials, and doing flower arranging, and had a carrot challenge. Yes, I know, I’ve turned into a sad old wifey. But I want to grow things so I can make my own cordials, and pick flowers for our house every week or so, and I want veg for my dinner that we have grown ourselves. I’ve decided that I want to grow some strawberries and rhubarb in particular so that I can make some amazing cordial out of them, already planning which bottles I will put it in. I am that sad (this is what happens when Chris goes away for work and I’m left to my own devices, and choice of the TV!)

I really can’t wait until we do get our own allotment, but feel it may be some time. Does anyone else have their own allotment? What is your favourite thing to grow? Any tips for a newbie?

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