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So this Sunday Chris has gone into work! I know!!!! One of the things Chris and I argue most about is the amount of work that he does at home. His boss has started to realise as to how much work he is doing at home, and has said that he shouldn’t be…but doesn’t seem to do too much about it! So this Friday when we were driving home and Chris said that his boss had suggested he come into work to get some done, I wasn’t happy to say the least. The only upside is that his boss has agreed to pay him for this time. Usually Chris doesn’t get time-owing or overtime or any of that usual stuff, which he should as ‘it’s expected of him’ to be putting in a bit of over time….but when it’s 2-3+ hours every night, it’s taking the piss a bit!!

So, this morning, before I was anywhere near conscious, Chris left for work, saying he’d be back about 2:30ish…I’ll believe that when I see it! So what have I been up to today? Well of course, I’ve been cutting up all his t-shirts!!

Before you all think that I’ve gone a bit psycho, hold your horses and let me explain! I’ve been talking for ages about making a quilt, I’ve got most of the bits I need to do it, I’ve just never quite got round to it. Chris and I in the past, have always loved to go to gigs, seeing our favourite bands, and usually we end up buying a t-shirt or hoodie. Over the years, the t-shirts have shrunk (no, we haven’t put weight on, honest!!!) or got a bit tatty, or we just have stopped wearing them for one reason or another. But we’re both loathed to throw them out. So my brilliant plan is to make a quilt or a throw out of them. For some reason I’ve got no idea where all my t-shirts are, and can only find Chris’. I think mine may be in my parents attic, which I’ll be able to retrieve at the end of next month when we’re next up there.

There’s something quite satisfying about chopping up clothes! But also even more satisfying knowing that something productive is going to come out of it. I’m really looking forward to starting to make this quilt, but come on guys, this is me, so it will probably be another 3 years before it gets finished, cos I’m rubbish like that!

So here’s the proof of what I’ve done, a picture of all the cut offs and the bits I don’t want to keep, and a picture of the bits I’m going to be making into a quilt – obviously they need cutting down a bit more, but one step at a time, I can’t rush these things you know!

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  1. Lucy

    September 1, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    I make these, it’s so satisfying when it’s finished

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