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So I’ve been a bit AWOL recently. Chris has been away on America with work several times recently, and it takes a bit of getting used to be in a new house on your own. I spent a lot of time time curled up on the sofa, under a blanket watching TV and films.

I had big plans to do lots of blogging last weekend, but ended up spending the whole of Saturday in High Wycombe getting our car fixed after I hit a massive pot hole on the way home from work which resulted in us needing not only a new tyre, but a new wheel as well! I finished the day with a major headache, which had been lingering on and off all week. I spent most of Sunday in bed, and those bits I didn’t I was on the sofa snoozing.

Above is a picture of my pot hole (now filled in) I added the drinks bottle for reference of size. It was mahoosive! And at least 4″ deep.

I’m so glad Monday was a bank holiday, as I was still really struggling to function normally. I did manage to start a little bit of DIY – as in I did a very rough coat of magnolia on the down stairs bathroom just to get rid of the hideous green that was in there, and did a couple of tester patches on our bedroom wall to decide which colour we wanted.

Chris has got exams next week (hopefully after these he’ll be part qualified, which should hopefully result in a little pay rise), so he’s had the laptop for most of this last week to do studying etc, and the chances I have had the laptop I’ve either been so exhausted, or my head still hurts that all I can manage is to watch a few episodes of The O.C. on it (my latest box set addiction). Twice in the last couple of weeks it has taken me over an hour and a half to get home, which means there is usually very little time to do anything else that evening once I’ve had dinner and tidied a little bit.

This weekend has been more productive than others though. I’ve painted our bedroom wall (just one of them). We were trying to decide between two different shades of purple for it, and in the end decided on ‘Deepest Damson’. I don’t think Chris could believe his ears when I said the ‘Decadence’ purple was ‘too purple’! I don’t think that’s a phrase that has ever some out of my mouth before (this is the woman who has a purple coat, purple phone case and kindle case, millions of purple t-shirts, and at one point had a purple handbag as well!). I’ve also taken apart the massive wardrobe that was in the spare room and put it up in the attic (Chris plans on attempting to put it back together once we’ve had the carpets fitted next weekend), done a rough first coat on the downstairs bathroom (I was too lazy to find a small paint brush and do all the fiddly bits round the edges, so have just done the middle bits!!) and also done some gardening (which has resulted in my constantly finding bugs every where – down my top, in my hair, on the sofa, it’s driving me mad!)

I’m hoping that with Chris having finished his studying and exams next Thursday that the laptop will be a bit more free to use, and we’ll be out and about and doing more things for me to blog about, so watch this space!!

Hope everyone else has been enjoying the sunshine over the weekend after the horrible weather we’ve had the last few weeks.


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