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Little Loves is a linky that runs once a month. It’s aim is to remember the little things that happen, and a nice, easy way of documenting them.

A few days late….


Well I finished the book I started in July. It seemed to take me so long to read that book, even though I enjoyed it. It was a nice, easy read, one that doesn’t require any thought, and part of a series, so I may have to look up the others at some point.

I am most the way through a new book though. Very late to the party, I am reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I’m probably about three quarters of the way through so far, and it’s good. So far I don’t think it’s absolutely amazing like everyone raves about, but I’m hoping I’ll change my mind by the end of it.


We’ve been catching up on series we recorded a long time ago.

The best one we’ve watched so far is Quacks. It was on BBC2 last August (!!) and it is probably one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. We kept having to pause it as we were laughing so much.

I’ve also been loving some of the new programmes on Sky Witness. 9-1-1 and For The People are ones I’ve really enjoyed. I loved watching Nashville, so it’s great to see Connie Britton in something else. I also love Grey’s Anatomy, so will watch anything made by the creators of it.

Little Loves


Sushi! It’s on my list of things I want to achieve over 1001 days, to make it again. It really wasn’t that successful, I either over filled it, or under filled it. But it tasted good!

I’ve also made raspberry jam. We’ve had so many raspberries from the allotment this summer, so we’ve frozen them as we went along so that when we had enough, and I had time, I could make some. My last attempt at jam was fairly successful, so I was keen to try again.

August's Little Loves


Jeans. And a blanket!! The weather has finally turned, and there have even been a few days where I have considered turning the heating on. I’ve resisted so far though,Β  and just put on a hoody, or curled up under the blanket. As much as I love a good bit of sunshine, I also love Autumn. The changing colour of trees, being able to cuddle up under blankets, hot drinks in the evening.


Isla chattering away. She is becoming so much more confident and independent recently, playing on her own when we’re out and not requiring one of us to be with her. Each day she comes up with new words that I have no idea where she learnt them. However, there are definitely some words that I know where she has learnt them from…Me. I really do have to watch what I’m saying these days. Ooops!

August's Little Loves

And lastly…

Our house is finally up on the market. I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning, tidying, decluttering. It has been a lot of hard work. Lets hope it pays off. We’ve spent a fair bit of time looking at houses too. We very nearly put an offer in on a house earlier in the week, but the parking was just not suitable, and unfortunately a deal breaker for us. Which is such a shame, as it was the perfect house and garden for us. Oh well, there will be somewhere else out there for us. Sent us all your luck (and any links to houses you think may be suitable!!)
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August’s Little Loves

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