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Are there any other uses for Calpol and Nurofen syringes

We’re definitely at that time of year where coughs and colds in our little ones are constant. It usually starts around September, and ends around….August!

Pretty much any parent, by the time their first child is a toddler will have a kitchen drawer that is full of medicine spoons and syringes. You get one with pretty much every pack of medicine you buy. Yet you never throw them out (or can find one when you really need one at 2am!!!)

I was clearing out my odds and sods drawer in the kitchen a while ago (it desperately needs doing again!) and found so so many of them, and it got me thinking are there any other uses for Calpol and Nurofen syringes?

Are there any other uses for Calpol and Nurofen syringes

Here are a few ideas…

I keep the syringes in the medicine box as they’re fantastic for getting splinters out!

Use them in the water table!! Lola loves making potions and medicines with coloured water and using them!

Use the spoons for the kids lunch boxes for the little fromage frais yogurts so handy for on the go

I use the inside of the syringes with salt dough, they easily make great holes if you are making beads, just the right size for little fingers to thread!

We use the syringes for paint squirters on a big sheet of paper on the patio

Play mini water squirters in the garden!

To baste the chicken

For adding fillings to cupcakes

We keep them and use them to measure out liquids when cooking with the boys – the boys can count on in 5 too and it helps with times tables!

Use them for bath toys and I tend to clean them out and reuse them for when I buy a non brand liquid paracetamol, spoons I use in the coffee and sugar pots so I don’t mix them up

I use them to get splinters out

Playing in the bath, they make great squirters!

I’ve used them to administer breast milk eye drops – they’re the perfect size & breast milk clears up itchy eyes a treat!

I use them for little measurements when I bake/cook. They’re perfect for when you just need a little bit of a liquid!

We use them to make playdoh hair /spaghetti / noodles!

I keep them all because they are constantly getting lost and some other medicines I buy sometimes don’t come with one so having lots handy is a life saver!

Ava uses them with her play dough the syringes are great for cutting out circles

I use them to measure the water safe conditioner to add to the fish tank. Yes, I am THAT rock n roll

Are there any other uses for Calpol and Nurofen syringes

Do you have any different uses for medicine syringes like these?

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