And we’re in!

After what seems like absolutely ages…but is actually just over 3 months from when we put in the offer, we are in our new house! We have keys, we have light bulbs, we have wood chip!

Friday just seemed to go on forever. We didn’t expect to get the keys until the afternoon, so the morning was spent doing chores round the flat, and doing the rounds of the banks closing accounts, changing addresses etc. We then headed over to Wokingham to pick up our herb planter, and then over to High Wycombe. Annoyingly at just before 3pm we were given a call from the head office of the estate agents to say the keys were at the High Wycombe office and ready to pick up, so we dawdled over to the other side of town, only to get a call from the High Wycombe office to say that they wouldn’t be available for another hour!! They later gave us a call to say could we pick the keys up from the house, rather than waiting for the vendors to bring the keys into town. We got to the house at about 5pm, and they still had a van of stuff that needed to be moved. We chatted to her for a while, and she showed us where all the fuse boxes, and meters were, how the heating and hot water worked etc, which was good I guess!

Once they left, we had a quick look around our new home!! And then headed out to B&Q to buy a wall paper stripper so that we could start getting rid of the woodchip in the second bedroom! We stripped off about half of the woodchip in the room, then called it a night and headed back to the flat.

We decided that until we at least had a bed we would stay at the flat, hopefully the bed is getting delivered on Thursday – slightly earlier than we expected, but that’s good!
We returned to the house very early on Saturday morning as we were having a little chest freezer delivered that we bought from the British Heart Foundation furniture shop. We spent a large part of the day defrosting the built-in freezer – as you couldn’t open the top drawer due to so much ice, and scrubbing the oven as it looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned in years! Grim!! Followed by MORE stripping of wood chip. We called it an early night at about 7ish, and headed back to the flat, exhausted.
We had a lazy morning on Sunday, and didn’t head over to the house until about 12, but with a car full of stuff to move over. We then collected a car load of things from Rich and Ana’s that we’d been storing in their spare room (Thanks guys!) and went for lunch in one of the pubs in the village….that turned out to only serve Tandoori food! It was really nice, but not what we were expecting, especially Rich who has ‘a mild spice allergy’ (he’s even more of a wuss that me when it comes to spicy food!). After lunch we finished stripping the spare room, and then headed home as I had a really bad headache that had been playing me up since Thursday night.
Half way through
Our first weekend as home owners was quite productive I think! I had Monday off work as well, and had planned on doing all sorts, like more packing, making bread, ironing, tidying etc. But none of it got done, as my headache turned into one of the worst ones I’ve had in a long time, I spent most on Sunday night awake, so just curled up on the sofa today and snoozed. What a waste of a day off work!
Next weekend we’re hoping to get a lot done though. We’re hiring a van and hoping to move most of our stuff over to the house on the Saturday, and then on the Sunday we have my parents and brother, and possibly some friends helping us out. We’re picking up all the furniture and bits and pieces that we’ve bought from a friend of a friend, so I’m hoping that by the end of next weekend it will feel a bit more like a home when it’s got furniture and more of our stuff in it. Mum and Dad are bringing their decorating gear down with them so we can borrow it, and we are going to have our first go at hanging wallpaper – wish us luck!
It doesn’t quite feel like it’s our home yet, but I’m hoping it will do soon, especially once we start staying there. I’ll post some more photos of the house once the rooms aren’t so empty!

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