And now we have a sofa!

So I mentioned the other day that we’d bought a bed and mattress at the weekend, and that we’d popped into Next to have a look at some sofas.

We’d seen one we really liked, but then had seen one in the magazine that had a sofa bed in it, as well as storage – this would be great, but we really wanted to see how comfy it was to sit on as that was most important. So, I turned to Twitter, as I invariably do, and tweeted @NextHelp to see if they had any of the Harley range in any nearby stores. I quickly got a response, despite it being late at night on a Sunday. They said the people that would know weren’t available, but I would get an answer on Monday morning, which I did. They said there weren’t any of that range in any nearby stores, so I asked if there were any in any of the stores in the country. Nope, nowhere had them. How do they expect people to buy a sofa without trying it!?! Oh well, move on.

On Tuesday evening we decided we would go over to Next’s newest MASSIVE store in Camberley that covers fashion, home and garden. It took us a while to get there, as we’d put ‘Next – Camberley’ into Google Maps, and it took us to the wrong one. So I went onto the Next website to find the postcode and we headed over there (what did we do before we had the internet on phones!?!). We were amazed to see how big it was! I’ve seen less furniture in a furniture shop!!

Straight away we were sitting on all the sofas, curling up on them, checking how high the arms were on there (so that it’s comfy enough to lie down on without getting a crick in the neck!). Shortly after we arrived one of the staff came over (she was a Sophie too!) to see if we needed any help. We asked, on the off chance, whether they had any of the Harley range in, and surprise surprise they did! Thanks @NextHelp!!! Any questions we had the staff went off and found the answer, and then hunted round the store for us as we’d moved on to new sofas! So we were then torn, between the one we decided we wanted when we thought the Harley range wasn’t available, or the Harley one that had a sofa bed and storage? (We’re obsessed with storage by the way, we currently have a distinct lack of storage living in a new build flat!) We spent ages moving from one sofa to the other, and then another sofa came into the mix. Who would’ve known so much thought had to go into buying a sofa!?!

Harley Corner Chaise Sofa Bed with Storage

In the end we ruled out the Harley sofa bed with storage, as it wasn’t as comfy as the others. Although the extra bed would be ideal when we had friends visiting, we decided comfort was more important, as it’s only on occasion we would need more than one spare bed. So then it was between one corner chaise sofa and another corner chaise sofa! We couldn’t decide for ages. So while my darling husband sat on his bum checking the football scores tested the sofas some more, I ran around getting cushions, looking at different fabrics, seeing what looked best, trying to envisage how/where the sofas would go in our living room. All to the amusement of the staff at Next! In the end I told him to put his phone away and pay attention! After being in the store for probably 1.5 hours we decided on the Stratus II Small Corner Chaise in Soft Marl Silver

Stratus II Small Corner Chaise

Cue half an hour of inputting all our details into the system they require for buying a sofa. The staff were so friendly and helpful, despite the slowness of their typing all our details on to the system. Finally all done, and the delivery time reckons 9 weeks! NINE WEEKS!!!! Oh well, it was the sofa we really wanted and after spending 2 hours in the store we didn’t want to start looking again, so we decided to wait. It could be here sooner, but I won’t hold my breath. I think we’re looking at being fully moved into the house a month before the sofas arrived. We do have other seats, and will have a sofa bed from the spare room we can use in the mean time. And I guess in the grand scheme of things/in the long run it’s not a big deal having to wait a few weeks for a sofa….but I’m soooooo impatient, I want it all now!!

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