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A Tuesday Night in A&E

(Sam, you know me so well!)

So last night started off great! Chris was out playing football with a work colleague (and soon-to-be village neighbour) and not due back until gone 10pm, so that meant a night to myself! Eat whatever I wanted for dinner, and watch whatever I wanted on TV. I ended up watching a girly film on LOVEfilm after dinner, while eating the remainder of the Rosemary Shortbread I’d made at the weekend! 

It was going great….until my idiot of a darling husband texted me saying he had just finished at football…and could I look up to see what A&E’s would still be open at about 11pm-ish cos he thinks he’s broken his fingers!

Seriously! Seriously? At first I thought him and Rich were winding me up, but oh no, he was serious. I swore a little bit at this point – what a great time to break your fingers (just as you’re about to move house!). So I looked up on the NHS website to see where might be open. I was hoping that the minor injuries unit just up the road may be able to treat them, but they were closing at 10pm. Scrap that one then! So to Frimley Park A&E it was then (thanks to advice from one of my Bracknell friends – don’t go to Wexham Park!!).

I played good wife and got a couple of cans of coke, some biscuits and crisps, and both our books, as I wasn’t sure how long we would be there. Chris was amazed to hear that I hadn’t been to an A&E since I was about 3 years old and had dislocated my elbow.

We finally got to Frimley Park at about 11pm, and the receptionist was really lovely, making a joke of things and relaxing us a lot. I think that’s really important in an A&E. The waiting area didn’t seem to busy so that was good. We were called through to triage after about 15 minutes, which really surprised us. However we then sat there for nearly 30 minutes while waiting for anyone the doctor to come and see us (we couldn’t really see much evidence of many other people through in triage). Chris’ fingers were prodded and poked a bit, and then he was sent for an x-ray. We sat around again for a while, reading magazines and chatting. Then the doctor came over and showed us the x-rays. Oooh, guess what!? No breaks, no fractures. Just really badly sprained and bruised! Take some paracetamol and ibuprofen, goodbye!

All that for just a couple of sprained fingers!? I was not impressed. To be fair, they were double the size they should be and turning purple, but still!!

A quick drive home, some ice on his fingers for a while, and a bandage, and then bed! I sooo wanted my bed. Usually I’m wide awake at night and not tired until stupid o’clock in the morning, but tonight I think with all the excitement(???) I was just exhausted!

So that was our exciting Tuesday night in A&E! Chris has now been banned from playing football with Rich again, and been told to make sure his fingers heal in time for moving!!!

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