3 Unexpected Things You Find In A Pregnant House

When a couple or a single mum expects their first child, it’s not only their lifestyle that changes in the process. It’s their entire home! Goodbye the game console under the TV, you might have to sell it to pay for all the necessary baby gear. The guest bedroom becomes a nursery for the future baby. The kitchen is renovated so that there is plenty of room to prepare healthy baby food and to sanitise all your kit. The bathroom might get a tub so that it’s easier to wash your baby. Ultimately, your home is designed to evolve with you and to fulfill your needs as best as possible. So, it’s fair to say that your needs change when your family grows. The fun home has to transform into a safe family home. In the entrance, the coat stand needs to be moved to make room for the future baby pushchair. But if you were to focus your attention on only three items that you find in a pregnant home, the three most important things, these would be the following elements:

3 Unexpected Things You Find In A Pregnant House

Unexpected home changes when you’re expecting


A range of comfort kits

As the pregnancy evolves, most women begin to find it difficult to relax in their changing body. They experience a lot of pressure in the back, as well as difficulties to lie down comfortably with a round tummy. As a result, you’re likely to find a range of nursing pillows scattered in the bedroom and the living room to help future mothers to secure a cosy position. Additionally, these pillows can be very useful after birth, serving as a nursing platform for breastfeeding, or as support as during the postpartum recovery. Similarly, you might also find items designed to promote blood flow in the lower limbs, such as a foot bath for instance!


New tech to know everything about your body

It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you are. When you’re expecting a baby, you want to know exactly how everything is going. Pregnancy apps are extremely useful to help future parents to follow the evolution of their babies , from small blueberry size to fully grown foetus. Weeks after weeks, these apps give a clear indication of how big the baby is, making it easier for parents to deal with the pregnancy. Additionally, more and more mothers-to-be are turning to wearable technology to explore their bond with the baby. For example, Bloomlife offers a pregnancy sensor to serve as a contraction monitor during the last trimester.


A new bookshelf

Last, but not least, every pregnant home gets a new bookshelf – or gets rid of their favourite books to fill up an existing bookshelf. The curious reason for this, at first, unnoticeable change, is the abundance of pregnancy and parenting books. In average, every household buys between 5 and 8 parenting and pregnancy guides. In fact, you’ll find that homes that have been struggling to get pregnant are more likely to own a lot more books about the subject, meaning that there is no way to make do without an extra bookshelf!


In conclusion, if one of your friends is buying a lot of comfort items and has just ordered a new bookshelf, you might want to prepare for a baby shower!


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