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20 wishes for 2017 – How I Got On

20 wishes for 2017 – How I Got On

We are now at the boning on 2018, and I really can’t believe how quickly 2017 went! I thought now would be a good opportunity to reflect on my 20 wishes for 2017 that I had identified for myself at the start of January last year. To see whether I actually managed to achieve any of them!


1. To have more self-confidenceI think in some ways this has improved. A lot of people would probably say I have an ‘I-don’t-give-a-shit’ attitude. But I think a lot of the time I am just putting on a front, and I have no confidence at all, from too many years of certain people who were meant to support me putting me down instead. I think this is one that needs working on over a long period of time and can’t be fixed in just one year.

2. To read moreI still haven’t really read that much more this year. Part way through the year I finally finished off the book I started reading just before Isla was born. I really enjoyed it, and so read a couple more books. But then it fell by the wayside again. Either way, 3 books is an improvement on none!

20 wishes for 2017 - how i got on

Photo by Aga Putra on Unsplash

3. To take more time out for myselfI’m really not good at this at all. I said to myself when Isla started nursery in February that I would have at least one afternoon a month where I just spent it on myself. No blogging, no housework, no chores, no errands. I may have managed this once or twice, but there’s always something that needs doing!

4. Decide what I actually want to do with my life  Haha, I am nowhere near close to deciding what I want to do with my life in any way whatsoever

5. Bake more oftenI have made about a billion courgette cakes this year, as we’ve had so so many courgettes from the allotment (it’s a good job they freeze well!) I’ve made the odd other cake too…a chocolate torte, and a Victoria sponge, but that’s about it. I was hoping to get round to making some Lebkucken, as Chris loves them, and I got sent some Lebkucken spice mix (and other goodies) from Steenbergs but it just didn’t happen! I’m sure he’d appreciate some whenever I got round to make it though.

20 wishes for 2017 - how i got on

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash


1. Post more regularly – Well I’ve definitely managed this one. Thanks to the Living Arrows linky I’ve managed to post at least once a week. Sometimes I’ve even posted 4-5 times a week. I’m hoping next year I’ll manage to post even more often with a bit of planning.

2. Join more linkies – At the moment I am two posts away from linking up with every single Living Arrows post this year. Some weeks it has been hard going, and I’ve only just managed it, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve identified one other linky so far that I definitely want to join in with in 2018, and am hoping to find another one at least.

3. Gain more followers over Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, and InstagramMy following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have definitely increased over the last 12 months. I haven’t especially put any effort into doing this, so I happy with my growth. It’s nothing like some of the amazing blogs I follow, but its a start at least.

20 wishes for 2017 - how i got on

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

4. Make more pitches to work with companiesI have been so lazy with this. I never quite seem to get around to making any pitches. I guess that is also in part linked to the self-confidence bit. The one pitch I did make this year paid off, as we had a great night out at Pub in the Park in May, and got to try so much amazing food. 

5. Attend a blogging eventI was lucky enough to grab a ticket for BlogOn Xmas in September. I had a great time, and was so inspired by the sessions I attended. With it being my first conference, my nerves got the best of me a lot, so I didn’t speak to as many other bloggers as I’d hoped to. However I’ve managed to get tickets to BlogOnX for May 2018, and I can’t wait to go again. 

20 wishes for 2017- how i got oon

Chilling with the Grinch at BlogOnXmas


1. Have more families days outWe’ve had a few family days out. But not loads. I’m hoping that now we have National Trust membership, and Isla is more active, that we will get out and about more often. 

2. Take more family photosI totally failed at this! I think I managed to take maybe one or two photos of us as a family. One of the linkies I’ve identified for next year is Me and Mine, and so hopefully this will encourage me more. 

3. To have a really nice family holiday –  Tick! In October we had a week down in St. Ives, with my parents, and one of my brothers and his girlfriend joined us for a few days too. It was so nice and relaxing. Isla seemed to really love playing down on the beach, and it was so lovely to see Isla playing with my family.

20 wishes for 2017 - how i got on

Grandpa, Isla and Aunty Heather at St Ives

4. To see more of our wider family –  Fail! We managed to see my Grandad in June and at Christmas. But other than that we haven’t seen any of my family this year. We saw some of Chris’s family at Christenings this year, which really nice. Maybe next year….

5. To find a really good nursery for IslaWell, we managed to get Isla into the nursery we wanted. And we’re so happy she is there. The staff are amazing, and she loves it there (even though she’s going through a phase where she refuses to sleep there!) There are times where I wish we could afford for her to attend more often (and they had space for her to do so), as she just thrives there. But on the other hand, I don’t want to miss out on watching her growing up.

Hopes and Wishes

1. David Attenborough survives 2017! Yay!. Keep going Atters!

20 wishes for 2017 - how i got on

2. All my family and friends have a healthy and happy year. On the whole I think we have managed this.

3. Returning to work won’t be as stressful as I fearIt really wasn’t stressful…because I didn’t go back to work. I’m so glad that I didn’t as I think too much was changing there while I was off on maternity leave, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed the work as much. There are some days that I wish I was working (any job!), but on the whole I have loved spending this year with Isla rather than working. With the commute to and from work, I wouldn’t have seen Isla at all really during the week, and I just don’t see the point in that as a parent. 

4. For me and Chris to have a weekend awayNope! Fail. To be fair, I don’t think there has been a time this year where I’ve felt ready to leave Isla for a weekend. I’ve not even managed a night without my baby girl. Maybe in 2018…

5. For the end of the world not to happenso far so good. Trump hasn’t started WW3 with North Korea just yet!


How did your goals and wishes for 2017 go? I’ve started my second 101 in 1001, which will run until the end of July 2019, so there will be on-going goals to work towards anyway. But I might attempt some ones to work towards for 2018 as well. Keep an eye out!


20 wishes for 2017 – How I Got On

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