20 week scan – gender reveal

A couple of weeks ago we had our 20 week scan, and I was quite amazed it was actually bang on 20 weeks. With Isla I know it was closer to I think 21+3 or something like that. Anyway, it was great, we arrived at the hospital, sat down, and got called through straight away. We were called so quickly that we hadn’t even had time to buy tokens for scan photos (absolutely extortionate by the way, Β£13 for 4 photos!!) but it’s OK, cos the sonographer told us to pay for just one as we were leaving, but we were cheeky and didn’t! Shhh!

The sonographer started to show us all the bits and pieces, all the different body parts, and the heartbeat, the stomach and bladder and everything was all fine which is wonderful to hear. Baby is growing spot on, everything is pretty much average, which is always good to hear. Isla spent the whole time asking “what you doing, Mama?” I don’t think she could understand that we could see baby on the screen, despite us trying to point bits out to her. She also gets very protective of me at times, so doesn’t like other people touching me unless she OK’s it!

We were told that I have an anterior placenta which means that there’s a chance I won’t feel baby move quite as much as I did with Isla which is a shame. I’ve felt little bits of kicking and wriggling so far, but not a lot, and nothing really regular yet.

The sonographer asked at the start scan whether we wanted to find out the gender. I said straight away yes. Chris would have preferred not to find out, but he knows that I’m too impatient to wait another 20 weeks and so we found out. Well I say we found out…as she finished the scan I asked whether she had seen what the gender was, and she said she’d forgotten to look! So more gel back on, a bit of coughing and wiggling about cos baby decided they wanted to be awkward…

…and she told us that we are having another little girl!!

20 week scan - gender reveal

Of course as they always say, they can’t be 100% sure. Last time, with Isla, they told us to keep the receipts. This time she said that she’s pretty sure it’s a girl, but baby was being awkward and had her legs held tightly together, with feet crossed at the ankles, as she did at the 13 week scan.

So, a little girl! I think I’m quite happy with that. Everyone kept asking me which I would prefer, a girl or a boy.Β  I kept saying I think I want a little girl for now. In my mind, little girls are much easier than boys, and I know what I’m doing. Vaguely! But then I have to think forward to 13 years time… the thought of having two teenage daughters….just send me all the alcohol. Anything! Wine, gin, Baileys. No, Baileys isn’t strong enough. Absinthe will do I think. I’ll need it especially if they’re anything like I was!

So yes, next April we will have two little girls. I’m still not quite sure it’s quite sunk in yet. Up until the other day we hadn’t bought any clothes yet. Mostly because we don’t really need any. Isla has so so many thanks to two lots of friends who have given us clothes their daughters have outgrown, and everyone who sent us clothes when she was born. I’ll possibly buy one or two pieces just for baby girl, like a coming home outfit.

We never really did a proper “coming home” outfit for Isla. I just thought it was a bit of a waste, and something that people just do for Instagram! (I didn’t really do Instagram too much in those days!) The problem is though, if I’d bought a coming home outfit for Isla in the size I thought we should, it would have just drowned her! We were told she would be at least 7.5lbs, but was born at 6lb 11oz at 5 days overdue!! It took her a good 3-4 weeks before she even fitted into Newborn sized clothing!

The bonus of Isla being so small when she was born (only on the 8th centile!) was that on the day I saw the registrar (and got a Β£100 parking ticket!!) they said that they want to book me in for a growth scan at 33 weeks to check to see how this little one is growing. So at the end of February we will get to see baby girl again!

20 week scan - gender reveal

20 week scan - gender reveal

Isla and I went shopping the other day, and these are the two lots of clothes she picked out for Baby Girl. I think she chose quite well. She was running around the shop insisting we needed a top as well to go with the trousers, but she kept getting distracted by shiny things!

So there we go….the Durrans girls are quickly growing in numbers! Chris will be very much outnumbered! And now we just need to start thinking of some names! Isla’s suggestions so far have been Bus, Baby Boy, Silly and Sally. I’ve got a feeling that we won’t use any of those names though….

Do you have any (sensible) name suggestions?

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