18 for 2018

A new year is often seen as a time for new beginnings, to start a fresh. A lot of people set themselves resolutions in an attempt to make them a better person, or improve their health or finances. I however, am absolutely rubbish at keeping new years resolutions. I usually fail them by the time the first week is out! And so instead I set myself goals to work towards. Last year I wrote about my 20 wishes for 2017. This year, Hannah from Hi Baby has written a list of goals, 18 for 2018, and has suggested I find 18 things I want to accomplish in 2018 too.

A fair few of mine are blogging related, as I am already doing the Day Zero Project, where I aim to complete 101 goals in 1001 days (you can find my list here if you wanted to have a look what I plan to achieve) and so I didn’t want to double up on a lot of things.

Increase my follower numbers

My follower numbers are not big by any stretch of the imagination, especially when you look at some of the amazing blogs that I follow. But I’d like to increase my followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I have some figures in mind, which I will keep under wraps for now, but I will reveal them at the end of the year, or in my mid-year review.

20 wishes for 2017 - how i got on

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Be more organised with blogging

With my new Busy B diary for 2018, I plan on making myself more organised with blogging for Life As Mrs D. I got various lovely notebooks for Christmas, which I have been jotting ideas down in, and drafting the odd blog post, as Isla won’t allow me to play with my tablet or the computer when she’s around, as she just wants to watch ‘Momo’ whenever she sees them (Show Me Show Me on Cbeebies). I would like to get a handful of posts ready to schedule for times when I’m busy and don’t have time to write any.

Increase my DA to 30

At the start of last year, my DA was 13. At the end of 2017 it was 27, after staying there for a couple of months. I know that the higher your DA is, the more difficult it is to move up. So I’m just aiming to go up a few points, and any higher than that is a bonus

Be more active, and interactive, on Life As Mrs D’s social media

I go through phases where I post lots of Life As Mrs D’s social media channels (you can follow me here ——> Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and then do nothing for ages. I’m hoping to get myself sorted, and make the most of some scheduling tools. As well, as commenting more on other people’s posts on social media. I’m one of those that reads through, but never gets round to commenting, so this will change this year…hopefully!

18 for 2018

One week comment on every single blog post that links up with Living Arrows

It’s something I’ve fancied doing for ages. There are so many wonderful blogs that link up with Living Arrows each week, and I’d love to just make some connections with them.

Double the traffic for Life As Mrs D

Like with my followers, my traffic for Life As Mrs D isn’t fantastic. It ticks by, but it is nowhere near what it could be. I’m going to try to promote my posts a bit better this year. And hopefully it will help me to achieve this goal.

Find some new blogger friends

The blogging community is on the whole such a friendly place. If ever you have any questions, you are pretty much guaranteed an answer, whether it’s blogging related or not. Being a SAHM can be quite isolating at times, and so I think it would be lovely it I could find some blogging friends, as they’d understand what I’m talking about when I’m wittering on about blogging. And it would be even better if there were any that were close by, or that I could meet at blogging events.

18 for 2018

Have one weekend free at home each month

We often go a month or so when we don’t have much planned, but then we’ll have a few months where we’re rarely at home at weekends. It means that jobs don’t get done around the house, and the garden and allotment get neglected. This is a goal that Chris also wants to achieve, so there’s a better chance of it being accomplished. Hopefully it will mean that I feel a bit more on top of things at home as well, as so much of my time seems to be spent just chasing my tail.

Complete up to 35%  on my 101 in 1001

I’m determined to complete as much of my 101 in 1001 as possible. I know the aim is to complete them all, but I’m realistic. I know there are some things that just won’t get done. I think if I set myself some smaller targets like this one, then there may be more of a chance of me achieving as many as I can. I think 35% is achievable.

Put £200 into savings from matched betting

A few months ago I started doing a little bit of matched betting. Technically it’s not gambling, as you are guaranteed to win each time, and so there is no risk of losing any money. I’ve made a bit so far. And have decided that it would be good to try to add to our savings from this. £200 may not seem like much, but I will also use the money I make from it towards other things, like birthday and Christmas presents, and the odd things I fancy getting off Amazon.

18 in 2018

Have more family days out

Hopefully in having at least one weekend a month at home we will be able to achieve this one too. We bought ourselves National Trust membership when we were down in Cornwall in October, so it would be great to explore some of the places there are around us here. It’ll be nice to make some memories together, rather than just doing bits around the house all the time.

Read at least 5 books

Since Isla has been born, I’ve barely read at all. In fact I think I’ve probably read less than 3 books in the last 20 months! So I’m starting small, with just 5 books for this year. I really enjoy reading, it’s a wonderful escape, but I just never seem to have/make the time for it.

18 for 2018

Do something special for our 5 year wedding anniversary

I can’t believe that this year we will have been married for 5 years already. It has gone so so quickly. Last year we didn’t really do anything for our anniversary, as Isla was less than 2 weeks old, so we were still in that new-born bubble. But this year, it would be lovely to maybe go to a nice restaurant, or the theatre, or maybe even a night away. We will see what we manage to do, but I think it would be lovely to celebrate 5 years of marital bliss (???) in some way.

Meal plan for a whole month (and stick to it!)

We go through phases of meal planning, and we vaguely stick to it, but then we go away for the weekend, and don’t get round to planning before I go shopping on Monday, and I just grab random bits that I know we need, but nothing ever useful for dinners. We have a massive chest freezer that is full of food too. But often don’t decide what we’re eating that night until late in the afternoon. I would like to be organised, and plan in advance what we are eating, and hopefully help save money and stress in doing so.

Once a month have an afternoon just for me

I don’t often have time out for myself. Afternoons when Isla is at nursery are spent cleaning the house, blogging, and running errands. I’ve decided I’m going to block out an afternoon a month where I will have a nice long bath with no toddler, no bath toys, and as hot as I like. Or go shopping, or dye my hair, or go to the cinema. Whatever I fancy doing for myself.

18 for 2018

Write more letters and thank you cards

I used to be really good at writing letters to people. Mostly elderly family, or a silly one to cheer someone up. But have never been good at writing thank you letters, even though I always think it’s so nice to receive them. So this year I plan to make more of an effort. I bought some thank you cards in the sales the other day, and already have some writing paper, so I’m ready to go!

Be more creative and crafty

I’ve always loved the idea of doing crafts, and often buy bits to start crafting, but never quite get round to it! I did a few bits before Christmas, including making a couple of Christmas decorations. But I always find something else to do. I have a million and one boards on Pinterest dedicated to ideas of what I’d like to make, so I’d actually like to start making some of them…and maybe even start making the quilt I said I’d start making several years ago!

Do 5 random acts of kindness

I love doing nice things for people. And the thought of doing something random to make someone happy is wonderful. Whether it be paying for a stranger’s coffee, or just giving someone a bunch of flowers. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, just make them smile.


So this is my list of 18 in 2018. I’m hoping I’ve chosen fairly manageable goals to work towards. Check back here though throughout the year to see how I have been getting on.


I’m tagging Michelle, Amy, Siobhan, and Gail. I can’t wait to see what their 18 for 2018 will be.

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  1. All about a Mummy

    January 5, 2018 at 7:22 am

    There are some great ones here. I also need to focus on my followers. I’m decreasing my workload for 2018 so I have more time to spend blogging. Fingers crossed. Thank you for tagging me x

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