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11 weeks with a baby

So I thought I’d do a little update on life, and how the last 11 weeks have been with a baby.


I really can’t believe Isla is 11 weeks old already, it’s going too quickly! It really doesn’t seem that long ago that she was born, and she is growing so much. There are some days when I feel like I’m winning and we’ve mastered things. And then there are other days when I feel as though I’m having a good day if both Isla and I are dressed! We’ve been getting smiles from Isla since she was about 5 weeks old, and they really melt your heart, and can make you forgive her when she’s been screaming all day, or keeping you awake at night! She’s just starting to take more notice of her hands, which is so cute to watch. She just makes a fist and stares at it for ages, and then smiles or laughs as if it did something funny! Oh how I wish I knew what she was thinking at times like that (do babies think? I mean about things other than food, sleep and the fact they need a nappy change!?) She’s just started trying to sit up, if she’s lying on our legs and you hold her her hands, she pulls herself up. And then grins, as if to congratulate herself. Dare I mention sleeping? Well she can often sleep from 10/11pm until about 4/5am, wakes up for a quick feed, and then will go back to sleep again for another couple of hours, feeds again around 7ish, and then snoozes until 10am. Sounds wonderful? There’s one catch. She will only do this if she is sleeping on us! Chris isn’t confident enough to have her sleep in our bed (I know, I know, we shouldn’t do it!) so we take it in turns. I have her until 4/5am downstairs and she sleeps on me on the sofa, and then Chris comes downstairs and has her until he goes to work, so I can get some sleep in bed. She’ll then sleep or snooze in bed with me until we get up, usually around 10ish (on the odd occasion until much later!!) We’ve tried putting her down in her moses basket, but more often than not she wakes up either straight away, or will sleep for about 30 minutes before she wakes up. I know we need to get her in to the habit of sleeping down, but I’m often so tired, that I don’t have the energy to spend the whole night up and down with her. I guess for the sake of a week or so of little sleep it might be worth it, but I never quite manage it. Plus, I love snuggles with my baby!! She’s not always going to want to snuggle up with me like that, so I’m kinda making the most of it while I can.

Isla having cuddles with Grandpa, and meeting Great Grandad for the first time while at Mum and Dad's.

Isla having cuddles with Grandpa, and meeting Great Grandad for the first time while at Mum and Dad’s.

Garden and allotment

These have taken a bit of a back seat in recent weeks, we’ve kinda been busy with other things. Chris however, did really well when Isla was only a few weeks old, and when he was with her, and the odd occasions she would sleep down, he would pot on a lot of the things we were growing. This now means that we have flowers in our garden and court yard, as well as some up at the allotment. Our greenhouse is doing wonders, and means that things are growing well. We’re in the process of ‘improving’ both the garden and the courtyard. We’ve started digging up the lawn (when reading lawn, think moss and weeds with about 5 blades of grass) before Isla was born and were hoping we would get it finished one weekend, but then she decided to make an appearance that Sunday, so it still isn’t finished!! Yesterday we also started painting one of the walls in the courtyard, it’s about 3/4 done with the first coat, and then will need a second coat, but that hopefully shouldn’t take too long. It’s really brightened up the courtyard. Mum and Dad have really helped out at the allotment. When they come to visit we usually end up making a trip down there, Isla usually gets fussy so I end up feeding her while Mum and Dad dig lots of weeds etc! We’ve already dug up our garlic, which we’d planted over the winter. Our onions, unfortunately, have been eaten by who knows what. I think possibly a badger. We’ve got leeks, potatoes, cabbages and courgettes growing up there at the moment. I decided I wanted some flowers up there, so we have a row of lavender on the border, and then a selection of hardy perennials on the bed in front of it (we got plug plants through the post, but we never labelled them when potting on, so I know what plants we have, just not which are which!) We still have loads of weeds. Our apple tree doesn’t seem to have done much this year, not sure why….possibly over run by weeds! Our raspberries also haven’t done much, we’ve maybe had a handful of them, but again, probably over run by weeds! I do feel like we’re getting there with it though, one step at a time though.

Courtyard wall

A work in progress

Out and about

We had our first weekend away from home when Isla was 4 weeks old. We went up to Mum and Dad’s for the weekend as it was Mum’s 60th and Dad was retiring, so they had a party. It went….OK. Some nights she was fine, other nights she was awful! We’ve also been to Chris’ Mum’s a couple of times, most recently to her new place in Broadstairs. Again, they’ve been fairly mixed, I think she gets a bit over tired with the long car journeys. We had a lovely trip to the beach when we were at Broadstairs, but she slept the whole time and didn’t see any of it! We’ve had lots of friends and family come over to visit, which has been lovely, and they’ve usually brought lunch or dinner with them (always welcome!) Chris has been away for a stag weekend and left me and Isla to fend for ourselves. As you can see, we both survived! Big respect to single parents by the way, I honestly don’t know how you manage it! I was exhausted come Sunday afternoon. It really made me appreciate how much Chris does for us. Isla has also been to her first birthday party, she slept for a lot of it, but so did the birthday girl (it was a 1 year old’s party!)


We’ve probably done loads more stuff, and I was going to say other bits, but I think this has turned into quite a long post already, and having said that a little lady doesn’t sleep in her moses basket, she has been asleep in it for the last 2 hours – I think it’s the heat – but is just starting to stir, so I need to sign off.

Moses basket

Sleeping in her moses basket


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