101in1001 #2

101 in 1001 #2 Half Way Through

101 in 1001 #2 Half Way Through

I am now half of the way through my 101 in 1001 #2. The mammoth task of completing 101 tasks in 1001 days. So I thought it was time I did another update on how I was getting on.

101 in 1001 #2Below is my list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days. The ones that are in italics are the ones that I have started, but not yet completed. And the ones that are crossed out are ones that I have completed. You will be able to see that I have completed 35 goals so far, which actually really annoys me! I really wanted to have completed 50, so I could say I was half way through my goals when I was half way through the time frame. I think I’m getting there though. The ones that I have completed I am writing about them, so click on the links for the ones I’ve written up so far, if you’d like to find out more.

And I’m actually quite surprised by how many I have completed. My aim, as part of my Goals for 2019, is to have completed up to 60 of my tasks by the end of the year. Looking at the goals I have left, I think that this is probably do-able. I just need to get on and do them! I seem to go in fits and spurts. I won’t do any for a while, and then will do several in the space of a week or so.

So, if you think you can help me complete any of these goals, give me a shout! Or if you can just give me some motivation, that would be greatly received.


  1. Attend at least 2 more blogging conferences
  2. Blog about challenges – each challenge completed etc
  3. Brand my website
  4. Join 2 new linkies, and link up to each one for a year
  5. Publish a blog post every day for a month
  6. Record, edit, and publish a vlog
  7. Start making money on my blog
  8. Upload something on YouTube

    Days Out/Going Away

  9. Attend a race day
  10. Attend a recording of a comedy TV show
  11. Create a scavenger hunt
  12. Drive 5 journeys round the M25
  13. Go to 5 museums I’ve never been to before
  14. Go to Borough Market
  15. Go camping for at least a weekend
  16. Go to a foreign city I’ve never been to before
  17. Go to Ireland
  18. Go to Islay/Jura
  19. Go to The Making of Harry Potter
  20. Go to Paris
  21. Go to the cinema 4 times in one year
  22. Have a night/weekend away with Chris once a year
  23. Have a tour round Buckingham Palace
  24. See a Red Arrows display
  25. Visit 10 towns/cities in the UK I’ve never been to before
  26. Visit 20 National Trust properties I’ve never been to before


  27. Bake something I’ve never heard of before
  28. Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg every day for a week
  29. Grow 5 fruit/veg I’ve never grown before
  30. Go vegetarian for a week
  31. Visit 5 new restaurants in our local area
  32. Have afternoon tea somewhere posh
  33. Make and decorate a Christmas cake
  34. Make jam
  35. Make sushi again
  36. Open a recipe book on a random page, cook that recipe
  37. Try 20 new beers
  38. Try 10 new foods


  39. Build a snowman with Isla
  40. Build a den out of furniture, cushions and blankets with Isla
  41. Build a sand village with Isla
  42. Do some baking with Isla
  43. Fly a kite with Isla
  44. Get a professional photo of Isla
  45. Grow and carve a pumpkin with Isla
  46. Go crabbing with Isla
  47. Help Isla create her own section of garden/allotment for growing
  48. Make Isla an item of clothing
  49. Print out photos for Isla’s photo album
  50. Roll down a really big hill with Isla
  51. Sign Isla up to the library
  52. Take Isla higher than she’s ever been before
  53. Take Isla to the cinema
  54. Take Isla to Pooh Bridge
  55. Take Isla to a zoo I’ve never been to before
  56. Teach Isla a poem
  57. Teach Isla to ride a tricycle/bike
  58. Teach Isla to write her name
  59. Visit some Lavender fields with Isla, and take lots of photos
  60. Write a letter to Isla for each of her birthdays to open when she’s 18 (obviously an ongoing task!)


  61. Complete a jigsaw (500+ pieces)
  62. cDo a cross stitch
  63. Learn a new craft
  64. Learn to identify 10 new flowers
  65. Learn kitchen knife skills
  66. Make a Christmas decoration each year
  67. Make play-dough
  68. Send a secret to PostSecret
  69. Start making a quilt
  70. Take a photography class/learn how to use our camera
  71. Take a qualification


  72. #MonthOfMisery
  73. 100 happy days
  74. Buy 5 copies of The Big Issue
  75. Complete 7 goals in a week
  76. Dance in the rain
  77. Declutter the house once a year
  78. Drive a different type of vehicle
  79. Get a pedicure
  80. Give 101 things to charity
  81. Go a month without spending, with the exception of food shopping/fuel
  82. Go to bed at the same time as Chris every night for a week
  83. No screens for a whole weekend
  84. Put all Chris’ photos into photo albums
  85. Raise/give £100 to charity
  86. Run a 5K
  87. Send an ‘I thought of you’ gift to 5 people
  88. Send birthday cards to all close family and friends
  89. Sort out passwords
  90. Take a photo of our family once a month (for a year at least)
  91. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  92. Win something


  93. Find a pen pal and write to them regularly
  94. Go to a gig
  95. Go to the theatre with Sam
  96. Go to the theatre at least once a year
  97. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
  98. Read 5 more of the BBC’s top 100 books
  99. See RSC perform at Stratford
  100. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet
  101. Watch all Oscar nominated films for 2018

So there we go. Half way through my #101in1001

Looking at what I have left to do, some are definitely achievable. But there are some on there that I know I definitely won’t get completely. That’s something I’m OK with, my plan is just to try to complete as many as I can. Please do give me a shout if you can help with any of these, and want to help with any of these.


101 in 1001 #2 An Update

If you’d like to see how I’m progressing with all my other tasks, then have a look at my list on the Day Zero Project site



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